Tuesday, July 24, 2007


As if waking up to the news that Lindsey Lohan was busted, yet again, for DUI and coke possession, wasn't bad enough, this happens:

"Vinokourov Tests Positive for Doping; Astana Team Withdraws From the Tour."

Seriously. Seriously.

Now, from La Lohan, I expect this. She's bat-shit crazy, and she's got a crazy family to boot. It was simply a matter of time. Sad, but not entirely.

But I'm about one Stage win away from being done with the Tour. For the last several years, this was one of the best parts of July (my own birthday being THE best). Sitting in front of the tube, watching hours of racing, up the hills, down the hills, the time trials, the crashes, the human interest stories - Cycling has never been more dramatic! Larry and I even have a susi dinner bet on the winner (doesn't betting make everything more fun? No? Wanna bet?)

But now, I am getting sort of tired of all the doping allegations. Last year it was Landis (who I still refuse to believe doped, and no, I don't want to debate this), and Lance has always been dogged by suspicion and he-said-she-said allegations (again, still don't believe it until I see the positive samples).

I totally get the pressure these guys are under to perform in their sport. But it still makes me sad that this happens. I really don't have a whole lot more to say about this.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go lie next to the Felt, and pray for the soul of cycling.


Duane said...

Hey Meg, how about a photo of the Felt?

Anonymous said...

guess what the sports fucked they all are doping.id like to see some winning times if they were not. way different im sure!!!!!!!!wanna bet?

Lance Notstrong said...

I skipped watching the Tour yesterday since it was a rest day. I had no idea about Vino.

I know what you mean about the disappointment. I had just about had it after last year. I thought since they had cleaned house with Hamilton, Basso, and the likes before the Tour, this wouldn't be an issue this year.

21stCenturyMom said...

So here I am, fishihg around for evidence of when it all started wtih you and Cheese and I find this post. I'm guessing you were as devestated as I when it turned out that Landis really was guilty. I couldn't believe it. That was a shattering moment for me but alas... I think he really was. I SO did not think he was the type and I defended him repeatedly! Oh well...