Saturday, July 21, 2007

i am a loser

So I am in Racine to watch Larry race, and as I am waiting for him to rack his bike (its like 730pm), who walks literally right by but IronWil. And what do I do? Act like an ass.

To be fair, Larry said I didn't, but I was stunned. I guess its just weird when you read these bloggers more than you talk to your actual friends, and then low and behold, there one is, and IronWil to boot! I literally had no idea what to say, and proceeded to tell her that. Yeah, I did. And then I was trying to tell her about a comment I left on one of her posts and I was literally, like, chewing my tongue. Good thing Larry was there to wipe the drool and interpret my garble for her.


And she was nice as all get out. I wasn't sure what to expect, but she was really nice. And she looks exactly like her pictures, which I guess makes sense, we should all look like our pictures, but I am convinced I don't look like my pictures, and that in real life, I am thinner and have better hair.

And less awkwardly large boobs.

And a smaller forehead.


Anyhoo, so I met Wil, drooled on myself, mumbled a few words about liking her blog, starting mine after I read hers for the first time, and then Larry carried me dazed and confused back to the car. We had dinner and I tried to explain the significance, that is mostly because I really did start blogging after reading hers, and that she struggles with so many of my same issues that sometimes its like reading my own mind, and also because she has really made a mark in this little blogging world we all love. Seriously, everyone pretty much reads her. As Duane is fond of saying, she is like "blogging royalty."

Okay, that's enough idiocy for the evening. I have to get some sleep, because it sounds like it will be an early morning.

And oh boy, do I have a doozy of a post tomorrow (not race related)!


KrissyGo! said...

Oh Megan, I am just as star-struck as you -- even over stars from relatively small galaxies.

I don't think I would have handled myself nearly as well as you did, no joke. I once told Chris Isaak that I stalked him. I meant to say "saw him on the boardwalk," but let's face it, I was tracking him -- but in a googly star-struck way, not creepy.

In any event, I was ridiculous and he ran away.

Brent Buckner said...

One nice thing about being a fan of good and gracious people is that they either don't notice or look past any apparent foolishness and simply appreciate the good sentiments.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for your next blog is like counting down the days for Fall Vogue. God speed!

Duane said...

Hi Meg! You're not being silly at all. It really is fun to meet our fellow bloggers! Wil writes so well and does have a huge blogger following, but she seems to be so down to earth. And don't forget, we are all blogger royalty!

Wil said...

Omg, YOU are way too kind! I didn't think you were even remotely drooly or anything like that :) You were awesome and I felt so lucky I got to meet you. Your comments always make me smile and feel great!

I have some way cool pics my husband took of us, can't wait to send them to you. Thanks again for stopping me, I'd have been so bummmed if we didn't get the chance to meet!