Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stuck in the Middle

A tri-related post!


After two weeks of PT and things going relatively smoothly, I suffered a huge setback about two weeks ago. I believe I got re-injured during physical therapy, when I was instructed to do this side lunge-trunk twist thingy. Since that time, my back has been HORRIBLE.

I went back to PT last Tuesday, and the therapist was like, "WTF?" and I was like, "Yeah, I know." So I could do nothing but get electric stim, massage, and ultrasound, while I cried a bit and generally was pissed the f-off.

Fast forward to yesterday. I return to PT, tell him that my back got progressively worse, and I had to kick the Ibuprofen back up. The leg pain was out of control, and my ability to bend was nil. He was like, "I just don't understand." And then I made the mistake of telling him my take on the situation, and that my chiropractor (who I saw Monday was also like, "WTF?") thought it might have been the lunge-twisty thing.

Oh boy.

He got pissed. He was like, "Why am I the scapegoat?" and told me my chiropractor didn't know anything, and I basically then spent the rest of PT trying to make him not mad, and less defensive. When I left I was like, "What just happened?" Here I am, back to almost square one, and I'm comforting him?!?!?!

I assessed the situation and concluded that my therapist, who is hugely hooked up with the top docs in the business (that's how I got my referral to him in the first place) took a huge ego blow when not only could he NOT fix my problem in a few short weeks (like he promised) but that he may have actually hurt me, and I have to return to the referral doc and let her know, thus making his reputation look bad. This is not really a stretch conclusion, though, as he pretty much spent most of his time stressing about what Dr. Referral was going to say.


There is still hope that I am going to be able to ride my bike in a little over a week, but who knows. Fingers crossed. I have PT once again tomorrow before Dr. Ego takes a two week vacation to Italy, then I likely get to hook up with one of his minions. My formal opinion on that later.

So that's what I got. I did notice that Ironman USA is quickly approaching, and wanted to give some quick words of support to those in it, especially Cindy Jo, who has been a great support to me in the last several months. Go Cindy Jo!!!!!

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Cindy Jo said...

Hey thanks for the encouragement!

I feel your pain (no pun intended) with the doctor situation. They are just as capable as making mistakes as the rest of us. Too many people just act like they're God.

It sounds like you're making big strides, though, so keep it up!