Tuesday, July 31, 2007

T-4 hours

That would be about the time my lazy ass needs to wake up to catch the plane out of Midway Airport. I just finished packing and thought I would just check in with y'all.

I wanted to mention (since I rarely post about tri-stuff anymore) that I went to the GI doctor to see about the lingering issues with the food poisoning two weeks ago (no appetite, losing weight, stomach cramps and severe dehydration) and we got to talking about my back, and he did that reflect thing on my knee (where he knocks it with that hammer thing). My right leg doesn't move. My left one did, almost took his eye out, but my right one was like a dead weight. He thinks that might be a problem. Oh well. I'll deal when I get back next week.

I was also planning to go for my first bike ride last Friday, but due to a tingle in the back and some looming rain clouds, my goals did not materialize. Alas, we plan for another day. And that's the training report.

I want to say thanks to everyone who has read this blog in the last few days. I know I got really reflective, and it had nothing to do with triathlon (even though the word "transition" does seem to come up a lot, so there's that), and the comments both on the posts and in the emails have been wonderful. My words in this blog can not possibly express how grateful I am to have people care so much about me and what is going on. I honestly could never have fathomed the support I have received.

My perspective on the last few weeks has been this: Yeah, things can suck sometimes, and yeah, I can feel angry/crummy/sad/whatever, but when things get uncomfortable, its a signal that maybe I need to make some changes. So despite all the uncertainties and fears I have processed, I am grateful for them, because it forces me to make some progress of my own. I can't sit around hoping others will change to suit my needs, to make me happy or secure - I need to do it for myself.

It's funny - for someone that spends so much time in her head, I am starting to get the thoughts into words, which is extremely cathartic. I know - sounds obvious for a psychologist to say, but sometimes its easy to forget that I just need to "get out of my own way."

I know my favorite posts by other bloggers aren't always about the training, but about their everyday struggles, triumphs, heartbreaks and joys. I love listening tot he different perspectives, and love coming away from other's posts thinking, "Right on, they totally nailed it." It's amazing how much you can hear in someone's voice without ever actually hearing their voice.

So I board the plane in a few short hours, to prepare to send my sister into a new phase in her life, and contemplate my own ongoing changes. Since I have not yet started to train again, y'all might be hit with a few more "life" posts before the week's end. Hope that's cool.

See ya from the Island!


Duane said...

We just luv ya! Have a great time!

stronger said...

Training is the common ground...what we really care about is the life stuff.

KrissyGo! said...

ditto and ditto and ditto


Lance Notstrong said...

"It's funny - for someone that spends so much time in her head"

Do you have that "inner monologue" going like JD on Scrubs? Nothing wrong with that....I love that show :-)

Andra Sue said...

I like those "life stuff" posts, too...I'm just not so great at writing them myself. Keep it coming, we'll read. :)