Sunday, July 22, 2007



Today is the first day of the new Project Procrastination.


Cause I got a digital camera, kiddies!!!!!

I have joined the real world, and let me tell you, it's fantastical. I just got home from watching my buddy, Larry, race in Racine but a bit ago, and I can already show you pics. Hopefully, you read about brush with fame (see previous post) which was super-duper cool. I saw IronWil's husband on the way to the finish line to find Larry and we got the chance to chat again, and he is super cool. Really, really nice, down-to-earth guy. Them is some good peoples. Meeting them was one of the best parts of the weekend - Real Live Bloggers!

So here is the run down, via my new pics:

Getting ready for our walk down the beach for the point-to-point start. It was brrrr-cold! I had to wear TWO sweaters!

One might think Larry is contemplating his race strategy. Really, he is wondering if he really has to wait in the long line to take his last poop and then fix the hole he tore in his wetsuit. Nice!

And it's about to start!!!!

Out of the water and into transition!

Larry on the Yellow Hornet - He tore up the course, possibly a PR on the bike, but he never set his watch so we won't know til the results.

Being silly after the first loop - things must be going his way!

Or...not so much.....Rounding out for the second loop....Game face on....

And he finishes! Larry having a post-race snack - I got the cookie with the pink frosting - it was my fee for the pictures!

Time to pack up the car and go home!

I haven't checked results so I don't know how Wil did, but I am sure she finished so congrats all around!!!

I'm so burned!!!! Ouch!


Duane said...

Finally, photos! Nice race report!

Wil said...

COOL! Man you took some awesome shots! He looks like he had a strong race. And nice tan lines baby!

You know, I finally figured out the actress you remind me of - Sarah Michelle Gellar (sp??). Super cute!

Megan said...

Oh just wait til that burn starts to peel - now that's the hotness!

Andrew said...

Nice Photog work MM! Glad you've joined the digital age!
Thanks for lurking over at my Blog too....I've been a posting slacker, wait.....kinda like you!

momo said...

woo-hoo, larry, way to go!

and megan, pics!! remember to take a foot shot now and then for me! :-)

bbieberitz said...

so I take it you are going toi do Racine next year then?