Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fish Out of Water

Before I left for my swim this afternoon, Cheese said to me, "Swim like a fish. You're making yourself stronger. Now go tear up that pool. GOGOGOGOGO!"

So I tried.

And I did swim like a fish.

If that fish had no fins.

Or gills to breathe.

And was left for dead on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Ya know, there are times when you have a bad swim, and then there are the BAAAAAAD swims.

I was slated to do a 2100 (as a point of reference, I did a 2200 at 41:19 last week - not fast, but solid for me). The warm-up was okay, but it all fell apart during the main set. At one point, I noticed I was wiggling through the water. Not gliding, as a fish might do, but wiggling, like a worm dropped into a bowl of water.


Try as I might, I couldn't find my form. And boy did I want to quit when I looked at my watch and saw I was only 25 minutes and about 1100 yards into it. Yikes.

The only thing that got me through was hearing the voice in the back of my head saying, "You're making yourself stronger." So I may not have swam the perfect 2100, but I stuck with it, thus making my mind stronger. Hey, something needed to grow today, and if it couldn't be my swim endurance, it might as well be my mind. 'Cause that will for sure come in handy in Arizona.


Nolan's Mommy said...

That's right sister. You made it to the gym, got in the pool and finished the workout. You stuck with it. I admire all the hard work, mental and physical

Prin said...

Yey! *high five*

Duane said...

Way to tough it out tough girl!

Anonymous said...

For the love of Christ, please, please tell me that the Cheese did not say "swim like a fish." Please say that is just some colorful storytelling on your part. I don't think I'll be able to handle it if what you write is true. Swim like a fish? I feel like you just kicked me in the nuts. Douche chills, Megan. Major douche chills. This is really screwing with my head. The whole idea of good and evil, right and wrong, darkness and light is being fucked with. Swim like a fish? I want to cry.

Oh, yeah. Good job on the swim.

Andrew said...

Good Job Doc

Go Mom Go said...

Every swim no matter how crappy is a little deposit. You will definitely be able to draw on it at the big AZ.


moonpie said...

Way to tough it out - sucky workouts just come with the territory, and unless you're in pain, just toughing it out makes you stronger :)