Friday, November 2, 2007


I don't recall why it started, but around the time when my dad was sick, my family was goofing around and they nicknamed me "Patches." I think it was because I developed this horrible habit of scratching my head when I got stressed out, which caused my hair to fall out. In patches.

Since that time, I have stopped scratching my head as a form of relief, and the hair eventually grew back. I then replaced this bad habit with shopping and Red Vines.

Hey, we all have out vices.

And since that time, my naturally curly, really thick hair has grown back, in full force.

However, yesterday morning I was taking a shower, and I noticed an unusually large amount of hair in my hand. Then last night, when I was taking another shower (yes, I shower often three times daily - maybe this is part of the soon-to-be-mentioned problem) and literally a CHUNK came out. It was all knotted up, and the size of a grape.

I was like, WTF?

And then finally, when I thought my week's quota of hair had come out, I was showering after my swim this morning, and guess what - same thing. Not to mention the fact that I threw my clothes in the laundry minutes before, and they were covered with strands of my hair, as is the floor of my arpartment/dorm room.

So suffice to say, I am now worried.

I remember a time, as a kid, I used to wish for pin-thin, straight hair. I hated my hair, and even remember asking for the hair-thinning device they show on info-mercials for Christmas.

If I only knew then....

But now I have come to LOVE my hair. I do. It's really soft, and curly, and flows down my back, and I just it. But now it very well might be leaving me.

Dudes, seriously, I am only 31. I am not ready for this. I don't want to be bald by my next birthday.

And why does it only fall out up there? Why can't it simply fall out in other places? Sure would save me a ton a dough each month in bikini waxing. Geesh.

Although, hold up - that might be a little weird. Can you imagine getting out of the pool one morning, and leaving behind a little swarm of private-part hairs?

Okay - just grossed myself out.

And what doctor does one go to see about this? A dermatologist? My gyne? I don't really have a GP, so I feel stuck. Maybe it's nothing, but I am kinda worried. Of course, it could be the fact that that I wear my hair in a ponytail everyday, wear a swim cap a couple times a week, don't often brush it unless I go out, and have a thing for a flat iron every now and then. But I have never colored it or done any real damage to it, so I don't know what's up.

Any thoughts?


Cindy Jo said...

I also have super thick, long hair and it seems like handfuls of it fall out when I wash it. Its normal! Believe me, mine hasn't thinned out at all and its been "falling out" for years.

I read somewhere that we lose hundreds of hairs each day. The longer and thicker your hair is, the more you will notice it. And it can vary from season to season as well, so find something else to worry about!

momo said...

don't stress right away - i went through the same thing after my last race. the hairdresser said that people go through a natural shedding process at certain times a year. you know, kinda like dogs. not that i'm comparing us to dogs - but you know what i mean... :-)

it should subside.

another idea would be to get your thryoid checked. and if you're under any kind of stress (although you're in the lovey dovey stage of new love, that doesn't sound stressful) that could cause it too.

Andra Sue said...

Dermatologist for sure.

I second Momo's thought on the thyroid thing, and also hormones and stress...and the multiple showers...and the swimcaps. It's probably a combination of things!

Danielle in Iowa said...

I have a lot of curly hair too that I lose quite a bit of in the shower - that being said, I only see it increase when I haven't combed my hair in a while and I comb it out in the shower... So I haven't noticed any shedding cycles on my part!

Prin said...

Along with all the other suggestions, I've been told not to wash it every day... I have super thin hair and it falls out like crazy, and if I washed it every day, I'd probably be bald in a week. *blushes*