Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Moments When the Miles Aren't So Hard

7:59 PM.

Knock on the door.

Stranger: "Is this apartment ---?"

Me: "Yes."

Stranger: "Then this is for you."

Special delivery from California.

He's been working almost 100 hours a week, and yet he still takes the time to think of this and do it. And send the card I received in the mail earlier today.

My heart is so full it hurts.

I love that feeling.

How did I land this?

Friday can't get here soon enough.

And then I'm not letting him leave.


stronger said...

keep him

Danielle in Iowa said...


The Big Cheese said...

All my Street Cred, Gone...Worth it.

Nolan's Mommy said...

maybe one day it will be him at the door, bent on one knee, with a round diamond set on two diamond bands, asking you..

a girl can only dream...

im so happy for you

Anonymous said...

Isn't it hard for him to have "Street Cred" when he still lives at home with his parents?

Spandex King said...

We always new that he was just a big pussy cat waiting to fall in love. These macho guys are all the same. All bark and no bite!!

Prin said...

Yey! :) *heart warms* lol

Megan said...

Anonymous: You are a douche, and this is how I know:

1. Anyone who would dump on another relationship must be seriously unhappy with himself, his own relationnship or all of the above. I suspect that, for you, it's three.

2. Only a douche would pass judgment on someone they know NOTHING about. Guess you're not as smart as you think you are.

3. You didn't post your name. That is the epitome of coward.

Thanks for reading, though.

Andrew said...

Hey Anon
How 'bout I kick your ass?

Nice catch M.

Andrew said...

No Offense Cheese....she's kinda become another little sister to me like Momo and Carrie

momo said...

kidnapping? you're going to kidnap him?? sounds like a good plan.

big j used to send me flowers. come to think of it, he still does - he just brings them home from costco now - that boy sounds like a keeper! :-)