Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Um, Yeah....

Damage has been assessed.

4 pounds, three days.

That's gotta be new muscle, right?


Ahhh, forget it.

I would say I could use it for extra insulation for those long, outdoors rides, but who am I kidding? All my rides are done in the comfort of my apartment/dorm room, in the glow of my new flat screen. The closest I get to the cold outside is viewing the new episode of "Everest" on Discovery.


But seriously, the image of having to push that little metal block up further on that swinging arm of the scale has been enough to make me take my hand out of the bag of chocolate rice cakes (sounds innocent - they're not - they're sugary and addictive and easy to consume by the BAGFUL) and let Cheese eat the last piece of pumpkin cheesecake.

I guess if I can put the L-Bs on, I can take them off. Hey, I managed to go to the movies last week and NOT get the popcorn.

Of course I ate two bags of candy.

I never said I was perfect.

And now I have the saddlebags to prove it.


Nolan's Mommy said...

SUCKAAAA!!! I lost two pounds and ate the pizza!!!!

Go Mom Go said...

I understand!

The first timeon the scale in a month...up 5! UGH!

So, I am asking myself everytime I reach for food...will this make me faster? Usually it is a no! I am learning to focus.

Good luck!

The Clyde said...

You're going to hate me too Megan, I only gained 1 lb, and somehow managed to lose 1% of bodyfat over Thanksgiving.

I attribute it to the fact that I'm such a well oiled machine, that comes with being a such beefcake you know.

Brent Buckner said...

I planned to gain 2 pounds over Thanksgiving week. I think I overshot by 1. Now to do the reverse!

Andy said...

Lot 4.6 and 3%body fat in the last two weeks!
Hate me?
How I loathed your blog last year when you kept talking about how much weight you were losing, so really Megan, you're my inspiration!

Prin said...

LOL!! Saddlebags. :D As if.:P