Saturday, November 29, 2008


I was pretty proud of myself this year - minus a slight brownie binge at night's end, I managed not to make myself disgustingly full this Thanksgiving.

But just when you think you might escape a McQ holdiay dinner without any funny business, this manages to find it's way into my ears, via a whisper from one of my sisters.

"Yeah, so I was just going to the bathroom, and blowing my nose at the same time, and I think I must have blew to hard, because a poop just shot right out of my butt."

Of course, that was matched later by my other sister reminiscing about sex (or rather, no sex) while pregnant.

It was all pretty awesome.

And speaking of awesome - while some of us were banditing our Turkey Trots (see previous post), others of us were creating her own!! Check it out!

So without further delay, here are the second set of holiday pictures.

Momma Q, Ellie and the Mayor, Me, Cheese, Devin, and Patrick.
The Mayor, showing me his new kitchen set, complete with "beers" (little black plastic bottles - where on earth could he have gotten that word?), and "cossie" (coffee, which he is making me in this picture). Does anyone else think its weird that, even in an imaginary kitchen, I still won't cook? The best part of the picture was when he tried to actually eat the plastic hotdog. Eh, he's still learning.

This is his new "Cheese!" face he makes when you take his picture.

Aww, sweetness. After my mom cooked for two straight days (the most amazing meal I have ever eaten, I might add), she then postpones her own plate to watch the Mayor while the rest of us stuff our faces.
Nat, Patrick, and Cheese - would you beleive me if I told you they were sitting like that to watch the Jonas Brothers perform at halftime of the Dallas game? I shit you not.

Devin and the Mayor. He's taken to chewing his fingers - I think it has to do with his molars coming in or something.

The host and hostess. Thanks you two!!

Wait for it....
Here he is, in all his Elf-Mayor-of-Whoville glory!!!!
Now the Christmas season can officially begin!!


Prin said...

Yey! Looks like fun, in spite of the conversation. :D

Ellen said...

he figured out that santa means "toys" today. Say a prayer.

Danielle in Iowa said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I just realized you went private again.