Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reality Check

Biggest Head-In-The-Ass
Is it me, or is Vicky from The Biggest Loser actually The Biggest Bitch?

Let me explain this – IT IS A GAME. You have chosen to go on a program where the goal is to beat your competitors by losing the most weight.

And if you are a threat to the person that stands to win it all, your fat, bitchy, complaining ass (or your husband) will be voted off.

Honestly, there is a ton of money at stake, and The Biggest Loser title, and Vicky thinks that people should still be loyal to their team color?

Give me a big heaping cream-filled fucking break.

And to say that if she gets kicked off, “it’s all Amy’s fault?”

Perhaps she should think about placing blame on herself and the fact that she did not lose more weight.

And my favorite Vicky line of the night:

“If I go home, how much weight do you think I am going to lose? I have two kids and work 60 hours a week!”

Correct me if I wrong, but isn’t this whole thing about lifestyle change?

Did Vicky eat that memo?

I would have sent her ass a-packin' with that statement alone, if for no other reason then to see her recapture her Burger King crown once back to real life.

I mean, I am not trying to be a bitch, but that it the EPITOME of how she got in this situation in the first place. Excuses, excuses, excuses - but no taking of responsibility for her own actions.

Fuck, as I sit here and struggle with my own bad habits, I know how hard it is to correct them, to get back on track, and to take an honest but tough look at what I did to put myself here, now 15 pounds heavier then I was just a few months ago.

No one to blame but myself.

And popcorn.

But I digress.

And what is wrong with Amy?!?!?!?!

Voting Coleen off?!?!

God help her because next week, if she’s below the line, Vicky is going for the choke.

Trust it.

In other bat-shit crazy yet-too-good-to-pull-your-eyes-from news, the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale was last night.

And for the most part, those weave-wearing, collagen-lip-plumping, fake-boob-heaving broads didn’t disappoint.

But the real treat will be next week, at the reunion – where I swear NeNe is about to tear the horse mane off of Kim’s evil ass head (spoiler: She tells Kim to keep her legs shut to marry men [Big Poppa is a married man], and calls her a hooker).


It’s pure reality genius, people.

Or as my sister Devin said, “It’s disgusting, yet something about it makes me feel like a better person.”



the fire said...

so happy to see the hubby sent packing last week...I don't know if people remember but that couple threw the first challenge so they wouldn't be seen as a threat. They said so on camera and didn't want anyone to notice them as the played the game....they are there for the money and then complain when they are outplayed!!! I love it....

Alili said...

I wish I had cable!!!! Fortunately I plan to watch on my computer. :)

Anonymous said...

Since watching th wives with you and cheese last week, I kept flipping back and forth between the wives and DWTS, thank for another addiction....

Big Mar

Stef said...

OMG you are freaking hilarious! I don't even watch these shows and this post drew me in.

YES YES YES to the excuses thing too. Damn people at their excuses and blaming others for their own shortcomings. You nailed it!

Fe-lady said...

wow I have missed a TON of pop culture drama! Thanks for catching me up! HA!

Mommymeepa said...

I really wish Amy would have voted Vicky off. UGH!!! It's individuals now. Who says you have to vote with your team. Don't even get me started. I always cheer for whoever Bob trains, but I just can't do it this season.

I'll post more later.

Amy said...

I feel bad for a) eating a coffee crisp while I read that (sorry Brian that you're finding out on Megan's blog that I ate bad food... to make it up I won't bitch AT ALL tonight during our nasty ass hill repeats) b) for not voting Vicky off and c) for not have the ovaries to tell Brian that I ate a coffee crisp today to his face and instead telling him through the comment section on someone else's blog which is ALMOST as bad as the toblerone bar down the back of the fridge excuse when in reality I ate it and buried the evidence in the garbage (but he knows about that one so it's not like he's find out about THAT sorry ass episode on here too)

Go Mom Go said...

I just laughed out loud! I was watching the Biggest Loser and kept repeating "what an ugly person" any time that Vicki opened her mouth. I was so glad that her hubby was sent home and now unfortunatley Amy has been bullied into keeping her there.


I missed the Finale for the Housewives, I usually have a hard time during the reunion shows. I don't like conflict and it is hard for me to watch the train wreck. I will see it in bits and pieces though. :)

Thanks Meg! :)

Wipaddler said...

A couple of weeks ago Vicki actually said that she was here to play the game and "the people who are here to lose weight? Well that's honorable too." Seriously, exact quote I watched it 3 times.

That's when I had to stop watching. It's a game now it's not a means to a new healthy life for most of these people any more. It's all about the money.

Jen said...

I hate Vicki. I think I may actually write an email to NBC about her,and WTF were they thinking for picking her andher husband to be on the show. They are cheaters and are evil. She needs to focus on losing weight. And I cannot wait to have some spare time to watch RHOA online. Woot!

Prin said...

1. It is hard to correct your bad habits, but at least you acknowledge them. Imagine choosing to be totally oblivious all the time?

2. Yeah, I don't watch that show. It doesn't play on either of my two channels.

The (IRON) Clyde said...

Nothing wrong with the King....I may go grab a whopper now that you brought it up.

Thanks Meg.

Captain Cactus said...

So yeah ... I saw Amy's comment here. I don't even know what to say. Just shaking my head. I'll give her credit though ... she didn't bitch at all last night when I made her do three one-mile hill repeats! She didn't even say anything mean when I suggested that as we ramp up training for the marathon I'm going to make her do six or seven :) 'Cause I'm evil like that! Oh yeah, and honey ... you still owe me a Toblerone.

Vertical Man said...

OK, I don't watch the TV shows to which you refer, but your comments ALMOST make me want to!

21stCenturyMom said...

I missed the Biggest Loser this week so I'm innocent of things said but I will say this. The Biggest Loser does a terrible job of teaching better life long habits. They have these people on an exercise program that no one could sustain without nothing but time to exercise and a coach constantly screaming at them. Their rate of weight loss is just stupid. They almost never talk about nutrition. So never mind the lifestyle changes stuff - I think the contestants still have to figure that part out.

That having been said, cheap excuses really piss me off, too. If you can't rise up and provide leadership for your own life then you are doomed.

Kolla said...

I'm with you on the popcorn habit. I found peppered popcorn and now I can't put the damn bag down. Heeellpp!!

But it really isn't my fault as I have 2 very demanding cats plus I work a normal job.... :D

Eric said...

Vicky IS a bitch!!!

21stCenturyMom said...

All caught up now!

And the insane way Vicky short changed her family in pursuit of $100K is a tribute to how she didn't learn - until she did. When she said that she had learned to 'be in the moment' (that was her, right?) her life turned around and worked for her. Would love to know if it works long term and I wonder if she would be the same Queen of cheap excuses now that she was when you wrote this post.