Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So I hear there's a little race going on in Tempe this weekend....

It's IM AZ in November!!!

So before everyone starts to sign in, do a test swim, pack their special needs bags, and all the exciting stuff that comes with the honor of racing this race, I just want to say:


Right now, I know Andy and Momo are racing - anyone else?

And while I wish I could be down there standing over TTL and waiting for that cannon to shoot you off, I will have to be satisfied with sitting in front of my computer and anxiously awaiting the finishes on Sunday.

So race hard and race smart - know your limits, and push them if its safe.

Now go become Ironmen - or for Momo, time to add the hometown medal to your collection!


Mommymeepa said...

My buddy Michael Hennessey will be racing. This will be his 15th Ironman this year. If he finishes he will have broken the world record of most Iron Distances in a year. His website is www.ironmanforkids.com

Tri-Angle said...

Thanks Meg

Prin said...

Yey! Good luck! :)