Friday, November 7, 2008

Really? It's Friday?

Odd, I thought I would be much happier about it being Friday.

I think I am just really quite exhausted with this week.

It feels weird how the events have completely wiped me out.

And I am not just referring to the election, either.

Though thanks to Borsch and his challenge, I have still managed a workout everyday (except for the day after the Megathon - can I get a break on that?)

So I guess that's something.

Here's to a relaxing weekend for everyone - I suspect mine will include some dinner-for-one sushi, and take-home movies.



Captain Cactus said...

I'm impressed that you got all those workouts in! We got some training in on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but it's been a pretty chill week after the half Megathon. Here's to some sushi, and perhaps a good glass of wine!

Prin said...

Happy weekend!


IN the words of our new president :
"ah it sounds like...ah had ah an ah a good work ah out week ah...AH Ah Ah ah..."
Wade the conservative social worker

Mommymeepa said...

Hey Chicky Dee!!

How was your weekend? Hope it was well.

We need to get together soon.

Take care,

21stCenturyMom said...

Your RSS feed did not update my bloglines! I was wondering what happened to you. I hope you are rested and feeling better.

My quads are the ones on fire now. Maybe they will feel better tomorrow.

Go Mom Go said...

M -
Will you please go an check on Kodiac Bear. She wants in on the fun and was not invited to be part of your blog.