Friday, November 28, 2008

It's a Start

Yeah, yeah - so it's been a week - but honestly, I didn't really have a ton to talk about. My life has become, well, boring.

Well, ecept for the discovery that Cheese cries at movies. That was pretty cool.

But otherwise, it's been a pretty slow news week over here.

So here are the start of some holiday pictures (the actual Thanksgiving ones will have to wait because I need to get them from my sister). We kicked it off here in Chicago last weekend with the Lights parade downtown. It's this huge parade where they do the official lighting of Michigan Avenue (Magnificant Mile). It was stupid cold, and I pissed and moaned all day about not going, but Cheese was insistant that we do something different that night, so I lost.

Popsicle Megan in her bank-robbing hat.
Corner of Wacker and Wabash. right along the Chicago river.

After the parade, there was a fireworks show. Chicago LOVES their fireworks.

Cheese and I after discovering that it cost $27 to park for two hours.
It's the Turkey Trot bitches!!! In our annual traditional, Devin and I headed down to the Lincoln Park Turkey Trot. This was BY FAR the warmest day we have had down there (I think last year it was about 25 degrees). We ended up running it bandit, though. See, even though we made it plenty of time to register, they has already run out chips and tee-shirts. So basically, we would have been paying money to run five miles on the same public running path we use every week. And while I do not usually support banditing, I justified it by not taking any water or food at the end - I figured I didn't pay for it, so I can't eat it. Besides that, it was just like running on my regular route.
But let me say this - this is the 31st year they have run this event, and EVERY YEAR its the same thing with the ass long lines and the running out of shit. Whoever organizes this race better get their heads out of their asses, or we are going to start hightailing it over the Edison Park Trot from here on out.

Devin's action shot - She blazed it in something like 39 minutes. Me? I was a bit slower, turning in my slowest Trot time ever at 44:09. I don't know what happened, but I was pretty zapped after Mile 2, and just praying to get it over.
Hey, see that girl in front of Devin, the one with the black tights on under the shorts? We saw a lot of this - girls with shorts over their tights. Why do they do this? Is it becuase they think they're ass looks big in tights? Because who cares, you know? And moreover, the girls that were doing it were all these really skinny girls - I mean, look at the girl in the picture - Devin weighs about NOTHING, and that girl is about her size, if not smaller.
I think this is weird.
For the record.

Post race. Turkey Trot 2008 in the books, if not officially.

Our lone spectator, Cheese. He stood out there in the cold to take pictures. What a sweetie!

I was oddly sick for the rest of the day. It was weird. But it didn't stop me from eating three pieces of cake and three large frosted brownies. But more on that later....


Amy said...

Mmmm cake mmmm brownies.

I think this is more proof that the Canadian Thanksgiving has it right. It's a whole month and a half earlier in the year and so our turkey trots are warmer and generally quite pleasant.

But now all I can think about is how much I want cake.

Ellen said...

So so true about that skinny girl making devin look like a fatty. pretty f-ed up considering I sneeze and devin blows over.

you MUST use that parking lot rape scene pic of you and cheese as your holiday card.

and since when do you drive downtown? you are my public transpo idol.

Captain Cactus said...

Missed you this week ... hope you had a great Turkey Day! But those Turkey Trots up here in October? Yeah ... Amy, do you remember that first Thanksgiving race we signed up for and bailed on?! It was about 2 degrees (36 American) and pissing rain. I have chills just remembering it! I will admit to the last couple of years being much better though.

momo said...

like what kind of sick, exactly?? ;-) hm...

happy thanksgiving, meg!

Prin said...

So... you're saying... the turkey trot gave you the.. um... trots?

Great pics. :)

Dontcha know it's the girls who have everything that hate everything the most? ;)

Prin said...

Oh and lol @ Cheese crying at movies. hehe.

stronger said...

$27 bettah buy you some fireworks!