Friday, January 2, 2009

The Christmas Tree is Still Up

Here are two to suck on for the weekend...

1. Cheese presented me with the following question: Would you rather be able to eat anything and everything you ever wanted without any negative side effects (i.e. feeling full, getting fat) and have to give up sex, or continue eating like a regular person (i.e. feel full, have to manage weight) and get to keep having sex?

So basically, would you give up sex for the ability to food binge without consequence for the rest of your life?

How would you answer?

Leave it in the "Comments," and I'll let you know how we both answered on Monday. You might be surprised...

2. I witnessed two icky thing this holiday season. Well, probably more then two, but these two really stuck out, particularly because kids were involved (and don't worry - no yucky stories from the battle front of child welfare).

First, while Cheese and I were standing in front of the Christmas trees at Wal-Mart a couple weeks back, a woman and her 7-year-old daughter walked up and asked us how to buy one. Why she thought we worked there, I have no idea.

Anyway, we told her that you have to pay inside, and then take your tree.

She said, "Well, is there anyone out here to watch which tree you take?"

We said no.

And then she says, in front of her daughter, "What if you take the tree without paying for it?"

Cheese said, "Well, then, that's on you."

Yes, she was asking if she could steal her Christmas tree, right in front of her daughter.

What would Santa say, I wonder?

The second incident occurred in Midway Airport on my way to Houston on Tuesday night.

I fly Southwest almost exclusively, and if anyone else does, you know that when they board, you are assigned a number and line up IN NUMERICAL ORDER. I have to believe that they did this to eliminate the bum-rush and throw-downs that usually occurrs when trying to board.

This way, you get your boarding number based on when you check in.

Well, this particular flight, I checked in late and got C-43. That's REALLY high. I mean, I was almost last to get on.


Because behind me, there was a woman and her three children, all holding C-55 through C-58 numbers. Meaning, they board after me.

And another lady, C-59.

Yet, all these bitches were standing IN FRONT of me.

Now, either they don't know how to count, or they were jumping line.

As if their time and overhead bin space was way more important then anyone elses.

Another properly-ordered woman said something about being in numerical order (because apparently the sissy Southwest person was too worn out by the holidays to give a shit), and the cheater lady with the kids almost gave her a real-life beat down, right there in the ramp.

I am so not kidding.

So not only did this woman cheat in front of her kids (one of whom actually tried to point out to her cheating/lying mother that they were not in order), but then she had the fucking nerve to hairy-eyeball the woman who called her out.

If I had any nerve (which I don't because I blog about it now instead of act on it then), I would have said something. But for fear of getting choked out in front of small children, I bit by tongue.

Now, I realize that in the grand scheme of life, people jumping line isn't really that big or bad.

But here's my beef:

You are teaching your children that it's okay to cheat. That it's okay to lie. You are teaching them that's it's okay to step on other people to get your way.

In the grand scheme of things, line-jumping in the Southwest terminal is (like Cheese so eloquently put it) an unraveling of the moral fiber, the basic human values, the common curtosy and rules of life that I believe most of us live by.

Stealing Christmas trees and cheating your way onto an airplane? Really, are either of them REALLY worth it?

Is the $20 buck for the tree, or the extra 30-second wait to get on the plane more important then the real-life lesson you are teaching your children, who are watching your every move in those moments?



Amy said...

I swear we are some sort of weird twin thing. This post is the translation of what I mean when I say (and I say it a lot) " I hate people" The line cutters, the system cheaters, the liars, the "innocent" criminals (i.e. potential x-mas tree thief/mom of the year). Unraveling the moral fibre. that is it. To a T.

jessica said...

1. since I already eat like there's no tomorrow (thank you, breastfeeding) i suppose i'll stick with the status quo :)

2. how sad. with rare exception, kids aren't naturally depraved. it takes a significant effort by a "roll model" to teach them to be asses, and apparently there's no shortage of parent asses willing to model that behavior. when those kids are criminal teens, those same parents will blame everyone but themselves, too.
how sad.

Mommymeepa said...

1. Food all the way.
2. Parents suck. I see this all the time. Just like the people that trampled that poor man in Walmart to get their stupid sales after Thanksgiving. I just found out this week that they were announcing that they needed to close the store because someone had been hurt and people yelled, "there's no way we are leaving. We waited in line since yesterday." They continued shopping. How can they live with themselves when they give that toy to their child or decorate that stolen tree. We need liscenses to fish, but not to have kids. So sad.

stronger said...

I don't even have sex and I'd still pass on the food binging.

I like to think I get this from my mother, but I call people out all the time. Like the stupid little dog that was jumping up on the runner just ahead of me on the bike path the other day. I turned to the owner of the dog and sternly said, "get it on its leash" (there are leash laws here and people think you want their damn dogs jumping all over you). Or when someone cuts the line- I let them know. Or when someone is crowding me, I turn around and tell them to back off. Or the guy who flipped me off because he thought I turned in front of him when he had a stopsign...I parked the car, got out and hawked him down to say "you had a stop sign. There was no reason to flip me off." He didn't care that I had two children by the hand- there was no way he was going to apologize to me.

I never regret calling people out, but sometimes I see I can be a little more gentle in doing so. I don't want to be the one who shames the guy who cut in line because he was having a bad and and not really paying attention to his surroundings so he goes home and commits suicide, you know?

Christmas tree lady: In perfect rational thinking, I would have said, "No probably not. But I would notice and your daughter would notice. Is a free tree worth spending Christmas in jail? Do you understand what you are teaching your child? Here, pick one out and we'll help you load it while you go inside to pay."

And boarding number family: "I understand it is pretty difficult to travel with kids, but you're supposed to line up in order and your number clearly shows that you are supposed to be behind us. Could you please scoot back in line and be fair to everyone who got here before you? I'm sure you'll only be in line 30seconds longer by doing the right thing."

You can ignore the behavior and let people get away with it, but then they don't learn- at least you can plant a seed so the next time they hopefully think twice.

The Big Cheese said...

Stronger. Don't ever ride the el in Chicago ... Without a bulletproof vest.

Vertical Man said...

Southwest Airlines is the developed world's equivalent of some ratty, rusty third world bus, with clucking chickens and squealing pigs and people pushing and shoving to find a seat. Next time, fly a better airline!

As for the food vs sex question: a little of the former, a lot of the latter, and I'm a happy camper.

Eric said...

I'm going to have to stick with having sex. What's the point in having a six pack if no one can "oil it up" :-)

As far as the other stuff....yeah, that sucks.....stealing in front of your kids. And I hate when people think their time is more important than others.

Kickstand Pam said...

1. I'm a mother of 6 y/o twins. What's sex?

2. Yes we live in a very rude world. I have seen some good this Christmas. It seems like whenever there is good there is bad.

My honest answer to number 1. I would take the sex and manage the food. :)

Jumper 2.0 said...

1) Give up sex? Forget it!

2) What a hard call on the idiots and their kids. By calling them on it, you would also teach them to make a big deal out of "nothing". And you are so right, it basically is nothing except that they are teaching their kids that it's ok. Let's hope the rebel when they get older and not follow their parents lead.

Jumper 2.0 said...

Well, now I have to agree with Stronger now that I have read her response.
I'm pretty good at having a sense on who would respond for the better and who just wouldn't get it, so I suppose it just depends.
Except when it involves other peoples safety like untethered dogs. Assertiveness is necessary.

Cassie said...

Since not much is happenin' right now I'll go with the food. And can that start right away?

prin said...

1. sex. I don't like food anyway.
2. That's terrible. Reminds me of the people who feed their kid unbought (yet) stuff in the grocery store. It's stealing. You know why? Because you haven't paid for it and let's say there's a glitch in the machines (which happens) and you can't pay with interac or credit card and you have no cash. Then, my frenemy, you have just really stolen everything your kid (and you, because let's face it, you were hungry too) ate. I think that's a terrible example for your kids, just as cheating for a Christmas tree and jumping any line anywhere.

Seriously, what is the point of getting a tree if the meaning of it is completely lost in the means you went to to acquire it?

What's wrong with people?

T. said...

I hate holidays because of the "nasties" that come out in people.
On the other pleasuring thyself ruled out in the sex category? Because if it isn't then watch out people cuz I am going on a pizza and hot wing extravaganza!!!

T. said...

now that I have had time to really think about it without being blindsighted by the thought of an endless (weightless) favorite food buffet, I see how the food thing would get old real quick. When I am training and eating all the time I end up really seriously HATING food and the thought of having to stuff my face yet again. it is.

Anonymous said...

so there are way to many people on this things not getting their brakes beat off. so heres an idea get of the f-ing blogs and get laid. dont use your kids as an excuse. you all talked about moral fiber. its morally wrong to make your husband beat it like it owes him money. theres moral fiber for you. you want to see a look on your husbands face? drop your britches and call him daddy.

Collin Kromke said...

People like that PISS ME OFF so bad, and I've started making it a point to let them know about it, especially when my kids are present. I just want to teach my kids that doing certain things is wrong, and just ignoring it and letting them get away with it is just as wrong.

Anonymous said...

If I had a husband like "anonymous" above, I'd choose the food. Hands down. Even if it was bad food too, like brussell sprouts and blood pudding for the rest of my life.

Then again, I wouldn't marry anybody like that anyway.

The Fire said...

this is a no brainer...I would become a vegetarian if I had to in order to continue practicing making babies..well not sure how much practice I need...but this is easy....after reading some of the other comments, it reminds me of something often said at work...."we got cake and we got cock...and we're all outta cake." in reference to dessert

Mark said...


Tri-Angle said...

To quote my friend and training partner Commodore.
"Food is for Fuel, not entertainment"
I'll take the sex, thank you very much.

lassenlaw said...

Have to agree on the sex- otherwise, what good is it to look hot?!