Monday, January 5, 2009



Today was the kind of day that had me two steps away from smoking.

Yup – buying up a pack of my ol’ favorites, finding a non-iced out spot under a tree, and just smoking away.

Straight up crazy-people-who-live-in-the-nut-house-assisted-living-down-the-street-and-sit-in-the-park-smoking-and-talking-to-the-Easter-Bunny style.

It was that bad.

But since my little chest cold is making is difficult to breathe at the moment, and my snot/mucus is already a strange color, AND I have been working sooooo hard at my hill repeats lately, I figured relapsing on the smoking ultimately wasn’t worth pissing all over my hard effort.

Oh yeah, and the whole cancer/death thing is sort of off-putting, so there's that.

But lemme tell ya – I was PISSED.

So what did I do instead?

I headed over to the Y for a spin class.

As when the 5 o’clock class was over, I still had too much rage in me to get off the bike.

So I blew a hunk of snot out of my nose, filled my water bottle, and stuck around for Round Two – the 6 o’clock class.

To be fair, the second one wasn’t all that tough – it’s instructed by an older gentleman (he has 16-year-old grandkids type old) so it was more like an hour cool-down to the beating I took the hour before.

But when that was finished, I was no closer to normal then I was before today happened.

But I came home, showered, ate dinner, and am now working for the rest of night.

And if I am in the house, then I am not out smoking.

So I guess for today, I FUCKING WIN.

(well, really, compulsive exercise won, but at least it wasn't Joe Camel)


21stCenturyMom said...

Okay - the tally so far is:

Sex over food
Spin over smoking

I approve!

I hope tomorrow is a better day. Much better.

Andra Sue said...

Oh yes, dude. You definitely win. ;)

Maggs said...

Great post. I had one of those days too...I almost broke down and had a diet coke...but I went for a run...twice today. And FWIW, I'd chose sex over food too.

Brent Buckner said...

Good call!

Amy said...

I had a moment too yesterday morning. I was so damn close to going back to bed (after I was ar work). Good on ya for spinning through the badness. Way to put on your BGPs and not give in and putting the energy into something.

Borsch said...

I saw you won!

ps...I wouldn't choose food.

Flatman said...


who needs food?

prin said...

Spinning! That's what I should have done. Except that I'm afraid of bicycles.

Shitty days are going around it seems.

Sorry, Jesus. Christmas is over.

Cassie said...

Sorry about your shitty day. Today is mine. Crappy weather, crappy mood and all I want to do is get under the covers and sleep...after I eat a plate full of brownies.

Fave said...

ice cream helps!
and if it's the pomegranate flavor then it's full of antioxidents which means it's good for you so you don't have the ice cream guilt! (same with blueberry gum, etc)

stronger said...

What would you rather do:

1. exercise
2. have sex
3. binge on bottomless non-counting calories?

me: 1.