Monday, January 5, 2009


The results of the previous post are in and it sounds like most of you picked sex over unlimited-no-consequence-food binging.

And ‘cause I promised my response – I also chose sex over the food binge.

My fiancé? He chose food.

Oh yeah. He believes that it is more worthwhile to be able to binge endlessly on any and all food without consequence, then to have sex.

As the partner in this relationship (who doesn’t cook, EVER), I find it a bit hard not to be offended by this.

‘Cause I got skillz, yo.

Mad skillz.

Or so I thought, but apparently my sex is not so competitive with the likes of In and Out, Whattaburger, and Chik Filet.

And listen - I LOVE food – mostly of the candy/cake/pie variety.

But I don’t love it THAT much to give up sex.

Or as Eric put it – “There’s not food that cause me to make my ‘Oh!’ face.”

Oh, and there was the question of whether or not giving up sex included giving up *ahem* self-sex.

The answer of which is no – Thus, you could still have the self-sex and the food binge – I was just referring to the giving up of the sex-with-another-person-type sex.

But honestly, is self-sex enough? For like, the rest of your life? In exhange for unlimited Sonic burgers, some apple pies, and bottemless milkshakes?

One hand, forever more?

Thanks, but no thanks.

At some point, even that gets old.

I’m just sayin’...


Ellen said...

what the fuck is wrong with him?

Eric said...

OMG!!! Who asked about "self-sex"? That didn't even cross my mind!!! The title of your post is right.....perverts LOL!!!

Amy said...

I never answered the question... hmmm depends if your definition of sex encompasses the whole deal: that is the teasing, foreplay, cuddles, fun in the shower, intimacy side of sex or just the hide the penis part of sex. The former I wouldn't give up even for a life time of being able to eat cheese and ice cream and pasta and fries 24/7. If it's just the latter that I had to give up then bring on the binge. I just can't live without the little moments of intimacy and fun. But I include those as part of sex so bye bye endless fries and bottomless tubs of ice cream and hello naked tickle fights.

The Fire said...

first things first...its chick fil a!!!! that being said, while the best fast food on earth the choice is quite simple....what would make it even more fun is to starve myself and have a chick fil a sandwich while in the act of my above mentioned choice....very simple don't you in moderation and unlimited amounts of the other...I love it...

The (IRON) Clyde said...

Thinking of Lou Malnati's leads me to more self sex than is normal.

I can't give up either, sorry.

The Young Family said...

Can I tell you how much I have missed reading your blog, in my snow absence!!?? lol Lovin' you girl!


Rich running to weight loss said...

Best Blog on the internet. Since I have twins and a 26 month old. I am going with food since I am not hitting anything anyway!

21stCenturyMom said...

I forgot to vote but I would chosen sex over binge eating (which, in contrast to sex, I do NOT enjoy).

"One hand, forever more" hahahahahaha.....