Saturday, January 12, 2008

Funny Thing About Saturday Nights...

There is literally nothing on television.

Sure enough, as I wrote that, I stumbled upon Norbit on HBO.


Maybe I'll read a book.

I love that reading is now the fall back to zero television. I remember back in the day, like in May, when I didn't have a television, and all I did was read and work. Now it's like as soon as I walk in the door, the tv goes on, the computer starts up, and my brain shuts down.

I got spoiled the last few weeks because Cheese was here, then I was in Kansas with him, and then he came back here on New Year's Day for over a week - enough visiting time to make the quietness of my apartment deafening right now.

So it's now 7:00 on Saturday, and I have surfed my way through all the blogs, am about to make dinner, and I guess try to do some work.

Oh wait! I just found "The Last Kiss" on one of the other HBO channels.

Guess work can wait....


stronger said...

Maybe I shouldn't mention this...but you're missing scorpions and amphibians on the discovery channel ;)

Comm's said...

First, this is why you need a jacuzzi.

Second, this is why I am convinced there are only 7 gossip magazines in rotation at the grocery store. one for each night of the week.

You can never get enough of UnFitney and her latest 'Crazy'