Monday, January 14, 2008

Right Now

It's 22 degrees.

It's snowing.

I have a throbbing headache.

I am about to lose my job.

And other stuff.

Maybe these are all blessings in disguise.

Maybe this means I can relocate somewhere warm.

Maybe I just need to go do my run.

Yes, that is what I will do.

That's enough for right now.


Andra Sue said...

Hey...I can kinda commisserate...I just got laid off. And my dog just had surgery. Interesting and stressful week last week.

BUT, it's nice in Dallas...sunny and 62 degrees. You might think about relocating. Hee hee. :-)

Go Mom Go said...

I am sorry to hear about it all.

I am going to sound like a Bible thumper here...but my mantra is "everything happens for a reason". There is a scripture in Matthew that basically says don't worry about tomorrow you have enough going on today. God will take care of it.

Go run, everything is always better after a run. If nothing else, you can eat and sleep the because you got your training in! :)

stronger said...

At least you're not losing your mind...

Prin said...

Aww. :( (hugs)

You can come live with me. We can be poor and frozen together. Aww. lol