Saturday, January 12, 2008

Long Overdue Props - The Second Post of the Day

I have been pretty consumed with bitching about my own personal self-induced hurdles lately that I have forgot to mention some of the other people that are overcoming their own, and it's high time I throw some props out there.

First, my youngest sister, Devin, has been working HER ASS OFF training for her Boston marathon-qualifying race next month. She decided about two months ago to try to qualify for this year, and in a very short amount of time. She recently got married, and wants to start having a family (kids) so she thought this would be a good time to tackle this long-standing goal before reproducing.

Almost seven days a week, Devin has been getting on that treadmill (for three-hour runs!) or on the track knocking out blazing fast miles to get ready. She has battled her own food issues (she likes the candy, much like her older sister) and has even lost quite a bit of weight trying to get things regulated (she is teeny-tiny, and now even more so). So is also finishing her first year as a 4th grade teacher, managing a new marriage, and completing her first ever 2-a-days.

This weekend, she went to Ohio to run the course, and did it beautifully. She is one of the strongest mental and physical people I know, and you cannot imagine how very proud of her I am. She gives me daily updates, and I silently stand in awe at what she is doing. This Boston business is the real stuff, and I want to scream at the top of my lungs how happy I am for her.

February 16th is the weekend of her qualifying race, and it consists of a 26 mile loops around a corporate park. How I can't wait to update you all and tell you she did it!

The second person is my sister Ellen. Ellie is a new mom, and her son (whose adventures I have often detailed in this blog) is amazing, but has recently been really sick. Ellie has dealt with it remarkably, and every time she call me with him screaming his head off in the back seat of the car because of a new fever or ear infection, I wondered, "How is she not crazy by now?" But she just carries on with the conversation, wants to know all about me, Cheese, and training. She doesn't think she is doing a good job, but hell, her child is still alive, and probably one of the happiest kids I have ever seen. You're doing amazing, El, like a natural at job that rightfully dubbed "the world's toughest."

And finally, I want to give a shout out to Cheese, who is going to be completing his first half-marathon in two weeks. Last night, he told me that it "probably doesn't seem like a big deal," but it is. It's huge. It's huge because we live in the Midwest, and this training is tough enough on it's own, but Cheese has trudged through the snow, ice, long treadmill runs and sleeting rain to get it done. He's made unbelievable strides in the last several months, has stuck to his training plan despite his travel schedule, and is so focused it's funny. He wants to do the Chicago marathon in October, and there is no doubt he'll do it. But for now, he's concentrating on the race ahead, a race that I will be running with him, and when he finishes, IT WILL BE A BIG DEAL.

So yay to the three of you - with all you have going on, you still support me unconditionally, ask me about my training, get me up when I am down, and are so humble to your own achievements that it's teaching me a few lessons of my own. I am proud to have you in my life as my inspirations.


Nolan's Mommy said...

Thanks Meg. You rule.

Katana said...

DAMN! Your sis is goingal out. She'll do great! She'sworking out a million times harder than i did for my boston qualifier... unfortunately, i never made it to boston cos I had conflicts in schedules.

Devin said...

how is it that we all have to bust our asses and Katies Holmes gets in to Boston with floppy boobs, stupid looking hat and headphones--aren't those grounds for disqualification? I guess we'll just have to keep reminding ourselves that no matter how many workouts seem to kick our asses, she's got to be married to Tom Cruise--yuck. Thanks for the mad props on training-five weeks and counting--you amaze me more everyday

The Clyde said...

Kudos to all, and now let me raise my glass for a toast!

the fire said...

kudos go to all above mentioned...kudos go to all those who participate here as well. it is what makes this blog a living and breathing thing!!!! kudos to you meg for giving us a forum....and kudos to baby nonlan for his great posts!!!!

Prin said...

Yey!! You tri/marathon/mom people are all nuts. But you're awesome anyway. :)