Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pictures and a Point

Me and the Cheese at the start line

Okay, so I am starting to get really sick so I am taking the lazy approach to posting tonight. I have added the pictures, but if you want the actual recap, you have to visit Cheese's site - but trust me, it's a good report.

So these pictures mostly speak for themselves, and they are mostly in chronological order. We also got notice of the offical photos, so if any one knows how to download them without paying (I know it's stealing, but really, whose gonna pay like 50 bucks for one photo? Not me, sweeties.)

Can you hear the "Rocky" theme song in the background? No? Oh, maybe that's just in my head....
The fact that this is a picture of my tush aside, I totally rocked my new running skirt. I took a cue from Momo and all the other badasses that do the skirt thing, and I am totally addicted.
Cheese trying to figure out what just happened. Either that, or he's giving the hairy eyeball to the guy that cut him off at the finish.

Doing what I do best - eat my face off. I didn't post the actual picture of me with my post-race loot, but I literally had an armful of free food which included a bagel, two Cliff bars, to packages of fig newtons, five bananas (yeah, you read that right - 5) and cookie and a bottle of water. I stuffed it all in my face. All of it.

Yeah, I know. Kinda intimidating....

I will say this about the race though. One of my many observations included a running commentary on the whole walkers-in-a-marathon-type-race. Now, I have nothing against those people that rock the whole walk-run program. Whatever, it's fine, and I am sure half of you actually beat me to the finish line. However, my beef with you is that, when you choose to stop running, you often do so right in front of me, thus causing me to stop and/or trip over you, in turn causing you to give me the hairy eyeball and mumble something about me being rude.
Listen, walk-runner/run-walker. It's a simple proposition. If you are going to randomly stop in the middle of a race to walk, while surrounded by thousands of others who are actually running, can you please, please just keep yourselves to the right side of the road?
This also goes for people who choose to actually walk the whole race (what is that about?), people who push people in wheelchairs or baby strollers (how is this allowed in running races, I don't know), and generally for all those that need to stop for whatever reason. Right side people, right side. Let safety be a friend to us all.
And secondly, let me ask you this - who came up with that whole idea that you are not supposed to wear the actual race shirt in the race? Cause whoever did must have forgotten to send the memo to the the participants of the Miami Half Marathon. And this isn't so much of a rant as it is a question - I really am just wondering where this came from and why. Cheese and I were talking about this. We were looking through our pictures and noticed that in one picture, all five people surrounding him are wearing the race shirt. No kidding. I am sure the pic is on his site, if you want evidence.
So what is this about? Is there like an unwritten rule that you can't do this? Is this a chapter in the racer "Rules of the Road" to not to wear the shirt until you finish the race? So then why do people do this?
Just wondering.
Anyhoo, enjoy the pictures. I am going to OD on some Theraflu.


Prin said...

Yey! Great pics again. :) Megan's so ripped!!! :D

The Clyde said...

For the shirt thing, personally I think it's taboo.....for me I fear if I wear the shirt I will not finish for some reason, thus I am not "entitled" to wear the shirt.

(But then again I have so many d@mn race shirts, does it really matter if I can't wear my Podunk Sprint Tri shirt?)

...on another rant, when are race directors going to charge $5 more for a race fee and actually give out tech/dry fit shirts? I've done numerous races and only one has given out a tech type of shirt to date. They can keep the cotton as far as I'm concerned.

Off I go.... Lost and pizza are screaming for me like a crack whore waiting for her next hit.

The Guy Laying on the Red Sheets said...

TBC must be the luckiest SOB in the world. How much is he paying you? No, really. You're smokin' Hot!

595 Days said...

So I have a question...

How much would you pay for a photo? I'm curious because I'm a photographer and I wouldn't pay $15.00 for a photo of the one and only 5k that I ran, but I would have paid a couple bucks for a digital image. Kind of wondering, how much other people would be willing to pay for photos - if they were digital downloads.

I almost think photographers would make more money if they just offered digital downloads.

So if you wouldn't mind, how much would you pay for a digital image?

I love your blog. ~ Michelle