Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Voice in My Head

I have a feeling tonight will be another one of those, you know, long ones. So since I have sit in my own mind, I figured you should all have to bear witness to it as well.

So here are just a few musings found rumbling around the vacant corners of my mind:

When you're running the run portion of 4 hour brick, and the chronic searing pain beneath your left kneecap is so intense it actually blinds you, keep running. Why? Because eventually, the pain will numb your leg 'til you can't feel it, and the following hallucinations can be really interesting....

In case you haven't heard, Heath Ledger died (feel free to grab a Kleenex to wipe away that sarcasm dripping from that sentence). In Chicago, my program got a case about a mom who beat the crap out of her toddler children and locked her mentally retarded child in a cage. Odd, though, I don't remember seeing that in the newspapers...

Bikini waxes and 3-hour trainer rides should never occur in the same sentence, much less the same day. Come on, ladies, you know where I'm coming from. There's not a tube of saddle lube that can help ya in this situation.

I have a tendency to get focused on type of food, until I completely OD on it and can never eat it again. For example, when I was writing my dissertation and essentially locked in the basement of my then-boyfriend's home to get it done, I subsisted on chicken nuggets. Not real ones, because I was a vegan at the time, but actually the fake-chicken ones form Whole Foods. And I would eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the only difference between the meals being the condiments I used to dip them in (ketchup for breakfast, bbq sauce for lunch and dinner). I did this for MONTHS. Then, no more.

So recently, my obsession is raisins and orange juice. Not that I am cheating on my first love, pretzel nuggets and lemonade (oh no, sweet lemonade, I could never go behind your back for the sweet, sugary juices of the OJ, but sometimes a girl has needs, ya know? Oh, don't be like that, liquid's you, lemonade, that I crave...I just need some variety) So raisins and OJ it is for now. In fact, there was one day recently that I ate ONLY raisins. Yes, I see the grossness of that confession. And yes, it does a number on the old GI system, if you know what I mean. But yum, I just can't stop.

That's it for now. But sit tight - I am sure I have some more madness ready to make the jump outside my cranium onto the page.


Danielle in Iowa said...

So apparently ketchup is a breakfast condiment, but bbq sauce isn't?

Hope that knee is doing okay!

Prin said...

Raisins? Ew.

Change the raisins to chocolate and the OJ to milk and we're the same. :D

Don't overdo it. *shakes fist in the air*

Prin said...

Wait. Does that mean you slept? My story worked?!? Yesssss!

Andy said...

You are SO out there Megan
Love it.

Lance Notstrong said...

On my long runs I think about sex. Yeah, weird.

Go Mom Go said...

so...did you sleep yet?

I hope that you have!

This post though did make me laugh.