Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I took this from Kristin Armstrong's blog she write for Runner's World.

For some reason, it seemed to speak to me today.

"There will invariably be people who do not accept you. And in that case you must be your own badass self, without apology." - Katie Goodman

Maybe it's because I feel I apologize a lot for who I am, for my shortcomings, for my "flaws."

Maybe it's because, for all the most amazing and wonderful compliments 30 people will give me, I seem to hang on to the demeaning and nasty words of 1 person. And then believe them.

Maybe it's because I so easily forget all the good things about myself whenever they are not acknoweldged by another.

Maybe I need to just silence the voices of those who do not accept me.

Because yeah, there are things about me the aren't always shiney and happy and pretty. And maybe I can work to change them, or maybe I won't.

But they are me.

Accept them.


Steve Stenzel said...

Nice post. Very true.....

Alili said...

Your voice is the only one that matters...listen.

High five on a great post-since I know you're not a big hugger;)

Prin said...

I agree. I'm a clinger to the negative too. Maybe the positive people aren't just being nice. Maybe, instead, the negative people are just mean.

Honestly, I think that makes more sense.

Now if I could just believe it. :D

Go Mom Go said...

I think I may put that quote on my fridge with the other ones!

Doing ok. I need to post. I have a friend that has been diagnosed with terminal cancer (started in her breast but now is in her brain and CSF). Unknown at this point how much longer and I went to visit her yesterday. It was hard - she has a 10 year old daughter and I just can't imagine.

It was also the last day of school...crazy around here right now. :) In a good way though.

Otherwise all is status quo. (this is kind of too long for a comment sorry.)

I really love this post, I will be one of the 30 complimenting you...

Tri-Angle said...

As Popeye would say Megan.....

",,,,I yam who I yam....."


Anonymous said...

oh geesh. call me. - smelly

Erin said...

LOVE it.

kodiacbear said...

Love It--"you much be your own badass self, without apology".

Yes, invariably it is the one nasty one that always gets 'ya. But you are you--take it or leave it and those that leave it, it is their loss.