Thursday, May 8, 2008


Please hang in there with me, guys.

I am on a rollar coaster of emotions right now, and while I am usually one to vomit it all up on this blog, I simply can't seem to pull it together this week. Two days "up" apparently leads to two or three days "down."

I will try this again tomorrow.


Melissa said...

I always tell myself you have to have the bad to have the good. In life...
hang in there.
remember - you are an ironman.

Danielle in Iowa said...

Aw! You'll come up again! Hang tight!

IM Able said... exactly where we'll be.

Btw, I discovered Oreos. Really. I haven't had an oreo since I was a kid.

I just discovered them.

I didn't know how delicious they are. Mmmmmm.

So I'll be waiting with my oreos, mkay?

anji said...

I hope you are taking some time off of work... remember how grateful you were that your state allowed one month off for people who donate?

There's a reason it's a month. It's only one month of your life where you are supposed to take care of yourself -- physically AND emotionally!

It's normal to feel your changes in your body... it's a life altering decision! And you made the right one. And, you have every right to feel emotional. You've been through a lot!

So, don't be hard on yourself (you're the only one doing it!) and in the right time, you will be at the spot you want to be again.

Just imagine how bad this could have been if you had not been so fit in the first place! Be grateful to that body of yours, despite the love-hate relationship you have.

Give yourself a big self-hug :)

take care!

Molly said...

Take Care of you!
Much, Much love!

Andra Sue said...

Glad to hear you're okay! Given recent circumstances, I get a little worried when you don't post. In any case, I suspect there are lots of ups and downs to come...such is life. :/

If it makes you feel any better, I've had such a crappy week at work that I resorted to iced animal cookies this afternoon. FOR SHAME. It's a slippery slope down to fried twinkies.

(You knew I had to sneak that in!)

Nytro said...

uh-oh.... sounds to me like you need a motivational poster.

Kathy said...

We're still hanging in there don't you worry about that! After everything you've been through, you're allowed a WAH!

Take care and listen to the body not the head!!!!

Go Mom Go said...

Still worries!

Rest, rest, rest!

Alili said...

If I could find Kudos, I would send them...and a NYOTB cassette:)

Step by step you'll get there.

Alili said...

um...NKOTB. I am mildly dyslexic this morning...

Prin said...


Brent Buckner said...

Still hangin' in, reading the Meg-ster.