Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cliff hanger

Before I launch into my own hundrum life, I just wanted to give a HUGE HUGE scream of support to Momo, who received some fantastic news today. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!

As for me, the grapefruit is still hanging on for dear life on the front of my lower torso, so, uh, that's been pretty rad.

And frankly, disgusting.


I have managed to ride my bike (on the trainer) several times. The first couple rides were sort of difficult, mostly becuase my knees/thighs would hit the grapefriut (yes, that is how HUGE it is). But I have worked myself up to a full hour as of last night. I felt fantastic, strong. I noticed though, that was WIPED OUT by about 10pm, so clearly the body is still recovering.

And before I get any (loving) lectures on doing too much too fast, I have been VERY careful not to overdo it. On the days I feel like doo-doo, I simply lay in bed and give myself toof cavitites by binging on Coco Puffs and ice cream. On the days I feel semi-human, I ride for 30-45 minutes, but the second I start to feel tired or winded, I hop off the bike.

No shame in my game. I know my limits.

Tomorrow is my first non-crisis-related post-surgery appointment, and I fully expect to get the green light on the running.

Which will be coming at a very good time because......

Well, I guess you'll have to tune in tomorrow for the big comeback announcement.....


Prin said...

I still don't get why they can't drain that sucker. You know, juice the grapefruit?

If people ask if you're preggers, you can maybe tell them "yeah, but I only wanted a little one so we had it genetically altered to be little. Kind of like a teacup chihuahua."

I'm glad you're happier and I hope you are, even if you're overdoing it.

Just messin'.:D

The Clyde said...

Favre is coming back?

Hell's Yeah.

Mommymeepa said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job listening to your body. Keep up there great workouts and the great outlook on your situation. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments. Take care, Melissa

J-Wim said...

Mmmm coco puffs and ice cream sound wonderful!

Anonymous said...

did you seriously register for another ironman?

momo said...

ya, you know... i'm in bed by 9 every night. does that mean i'm in recovery too?

love you, meg. thank you for your scream, it was heard all the way over here and I SO NEEDED IT! :-)

IM Able said...

oh, oh

(raising hand, waving)

i think we should name the grapefruit. it'll be gone soon and we will have missed a very important opportunity.

name the grapefruit.

it could be, like, a contest.

Megan said...

Perhaps Ruby? As in Ruby Red? I credit Stronger with that one.

Yeah, it will (hopefully) be gone soon. Sometimes I think it gets smaller, but then ten minutes later, it's right back to being BIG.

I so want to post a picture, but it's taken from me looking down, so you can see my undies. I don't know if that really good to put on th blog.

Alili said...

News? What news? SPILL IT!!! I'm not a very patient person:)

Prin said...

Maybe from the side instead of down?

Is it tomorrow yet?

Mommymeepa said...

Can't wait to hear your good news. I'm praying your grapefruit will be gone soon.

I just made an announcement on my blog too. Check it out!!

Take care,

Danni said...

I hope the doctor's appointment goes well and you get the all clear for running. Can't wait until the announcement :)

Go Mom Go said...

How did the appointment go?

Hopefully all is well --

can't wait for the news.


Anonymous said...

oooooh a cliff hanger....

Can't wait

PS - I'm glad that you became victorious! I must remember that wee ditty for when I'm feeling sorry for myself!