Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?

No seriously, is it?

I am in such a work fog, I can't remember what day it is.

Yesterday was so long, in fact, I could have sworn it lasted a week.

The upshot is that with so much work, I have sort of emotionally shut down - I am simply too exhausted to really care about anything else.

And in the "anything else" catagory would be working out, eating right, worrying about the grapefruit (which is now almost gone), and pretty much anything else happening in the personal life.

Maybe that's a good thing, at least for right now.

In fact, I woke up this morning (late) to the sounds of my bike quietly weeping in the corner while my running shoes were softly comforting it.

Bike: I just don't understand. Sometimes she loves me, we have these great bonding sessions filled with intense emotions and sweat, and the BAM! Nothing. It's like she doesn't even care!

Shoes: I know, I know. But sometimes she just needs her space. Sometimes she just needs to compartmentalize, like a guy, and shut it down for a few days.

Bike: How does she do it though? I thought we had a connection! And then to just turn it on and off? It makes no sense.

Shoes: Yeah, she's gone through that with us too. Love us, hate us - the push and pull can be infuriating. But she's a good girl, she's worth hanging in there for....just give her some time.

Bike: I'm not getting any younger, and these smooth lines and curves aren't going to be around forever. I gave her so much of myself! All those miles, in the Arizona heat, on that pitiful trainer all those months - I gave and gave! And for what? To be forgotten about in the corner of the room and have clothese and visors piled on me, just waiting for a call, waiting for a glance, waiting for her to climb on top of me whenever she feels good and ready? I feel so used! I can't keep putting myself through this. I think we need to break up.

Shoes: Now, now, don't do anything rash. She's come back before, she'll come back again.

Bike: I am nobody doormat, not even for an Ironman. There are too many good miles ahead of me, so many roads to conquer. These wheels need to get a-spinning, and she's either going to be with me or have to find another set of areo bars to lay on. Do you know that I caught her coming home this weekend, reeking of french fries and donuts! I am not going to just sit around and watch her love her sweet gummy bears and Red Vines more than me!

(wailing sob)

So I rolled over, covered my head with pillow, and wished the bike a long ride off a short pier.

Maybe I'll take her for a spin for "Bike the Drive" this weekend. Or maybe I'll lay in bed and watch the Indiana Jones trilogy and eat cereal.

Yeah, I know - the possibilities for fun in my life are endless.

Just like a Chicago-version of Carrie Bradshaw.

Expect without the martinis, fancy clothes, filthy rich booty call soon-to-be-husband, and closet space.

Good times.


Prin said...

lol! Your bike sounds neurotic. "Chill out, Bikey. Why'd you have to be so needy?"

Indiana Jones is good. Well, except the heart bit. That was really gross.

My Carrie Bradshaw life is just as glam as yours. I have the closet space but no clothes to put in it. :D

The Clyde said...

There's always the Miller Ride for the Arts next weekend too...we'll be doing 75, very slowly....

Alili said...

The new Indiana Jones movie comes out this weekend!!!...I'm just saying...

Andra Sue said...

I vote for watching the Indiana Jones trilogy and eating snacks in bed!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay!

Oh wait, I can't do that...I have a race. Dammit. :P

And if you toss a couple sport beans here and there at your bike, that might cheer him up a bit. If it makes you feel any better, Pierre's been wanking at me for weeks that he needs a bath. And I just ignore him. :(

momo said...

you get out of bed and go get that baby and ride her. she needs some love and attention like all girls do. cuz you know how we get and she'll end up tossing your ass next time you take her out if you don't. ;-)

(compliments of my alter ego, momolektra.)

now, me? i'd definitely do the movie thing.

hugs and love to you, girlfriend!!

Anonymous said...

DUDE answer your phone please