Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who Cares? Post #2

Have you ever had one of those days where, you've been off the workouts for a while, your clothes are getting sort of tight, and you know for sure you managed to find those 5-7 pounds that you previously lost somewhere on the road over the last few months?

But you just don't care?

In fact, the extra LBs kinda makes you WANT to have a binge day, and you even go so far as to plan it out?

Welcome to my Thursday.

And to celebrate the steady climb in my waist size, this is what I had for lunch.

And your eyes are not deceiving you - that's 3/4 of a cake.

That last bit I saved for dessert tonight.

See, I have SOME self-control.

According to the nutritional label, I figure that to be about 900 calories worth of cake, in the span of 8 minutes.

And guess what?

I still don't give a fuck.
It's not a bad mood-type thing...not at all. Just an I-don't-care thing. And an I-spend-too-much-time-worrying-about-my-fat-ass thing.

Onto the Cheetos.


Alili said...

We really need to hang out:)

Andra Sue said...

Oh dear god...that looks DELICIOUS. I bet the top was all nice and crunchy. Mmmmmm. I could totally eat an entire angel food cake in one sitting. (In fact, I might have eaten half of one once...I suspect I have, although I can't quite remember.) Especially now--I've been a bottomless pit since last Sunday's bike ride. It's only 3:30 and I haven't checked FitDay, but I think I may have already eaten the whole day's calorie allotment.

This week, I'm with you. I DO NOT CARE. I'm completely exhausted, stressed out from work, there's a race on Sunday for which I have no sherpa, and I just want to get to Friday with my sanity intact. Apparently that entails eating lots of food. Oh well.

stronger said...

If it has the word "angel" in it...I'm pretty sure you get to automatically bypass the calories. My mom was making one the other day and I walked in the door to a big time burning smell. She was frustrated- at high altitude it always boils over the top and she hasn't figured out the adjustments she needs to make. I told her I thought it "looked" done (sensing that the house would fill with smoke from the boiled over parts sitting on the oven coils). So she took it out, flipped it over to cool and it plopped right out of the pan and onto the counter. So much for the presentation. It still tasted like angel food.

Michelle said...

Hey Megan... I've been reading for a while but haven't felt the urgency to comment... until you said the word magic word "cheetos". should explain. Best of luck with your recovery, and don't worry about the extra pounds - it's good for your body to have the nutrition to recovery fully! With a whole gaggle of readers out there there's absolutely no chance of you becoming sedentary from this, so just sit back and relax (as best as you can) for a while until your body has healed.

Comm's said...

I for one Meg, applaud you for polishing that bad boy off. You and I are both sort of in a post IM training crisis and I feel your pain. Not the pain of giving away a kidney, but nevertheless.

Eat it up. Drink it down. Glut. Love it. soon enough we'll be able to work it off.

Prin said...

lol!! You binged on angel food? I hope there was whipped cream involved. And strawberries. :D

And chocolate.


Erin said...

Ummm, one day? I had 5 MONTHS of "I don't give a fuck" after Ironman. Most of my clothes are now on the small side of fitting, but you know what? It was worth it and totally necessary. Back on the workout wagon now, and things are just fine. So've earned it!

Benson said...

Oh yum. I'd have added some strawberry syrup and chocolate milk...but enuhway.

The Clyde said...

Bet that doesn't top my donut/brownie combo I pulled at breakfast/lunch after eating the main dishes...yeah I'm good like that.