Friday, May 23, 2008

Note to Self

When your boyfriend has a job that makes him travel for one month, allows him home for five days, and then takes him away again for another month…

Do not -

I repeat -


Torture yourself by watching the opening scene of “P.S. I Love You.”

Because nothing makes the distance harder than watching two people act out the exact same drama, fighting, love, and craziness you wish you could have, especially on a Friday night in Spring.

I wish he were here to argue about who has to turn off the light.

I wish he were here to lecture about having a “plan.”

I wish he were here to tell me how crazy I am.

I wish he were here to eat sorbet with me in bed.

I wish he were hear to sing his made-up songs, especially the "My Baby..." one.

I wish he were here.

'Cause I could use a good frog crawl.

And somehow, sleeping in his tee shirt just doesn’t cut it.

Well, hell.

Unlike Hilary Swank’s movie husband, at least my guy’s not dead.

Hey! Bright side!


The Big Cheese said...

I second the Frog Crawl...I knew you like my singing. Did I ever tell you that I was in show choir?

Andra Sue said...

Funny...I think the same thing about mine when he's gone: "Hey, at least he's not dead!" Is that bad?

Seriously, you should get your dog back from your sister so you at least have someone (furry) to snuggle up with. :(

Prin said...

Did you just give away the end of the movie?!?

Whatevs. After this description, I don't think I should watch it either.


Michelle J said...

God, I LOVED that movie! I think I watched the scene when she shows up in the pub 10 times!

I am uneducated about the Frog Crawl... is it an American thing? Is this a suitable place to fill me in?

Sorry you are feeling lonely...