Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Can't Even Title This

It started as a little tweak, insignificant enough that I didn't even bother mentioning it to the physical therapist last week. Last night it got worse, and today it became full-blown, so bad that now I can barely walk (no joke). I figured there would be some fallout after last Wednesday disastrous run on ice and snow, but when it didn't happen immediately, I thought I was in the clear. When I could barely get out of bed this morning from the pain in my lower back, which grew so bad over the day that pain is now shooting down my leg, I knew it was not good. Excruciating does not even do this pain justice.

I am trying not to panic, as if usually my MO, though the intensity of the pain is not making that task easy (maybe a few tears of fear were shed earlier, but I've since recovered). Instead, I am mostly praying that my physical therapist can work his voodoo magic and pop whatever it is back into place. Either way, I am out of commission for the next few days, not a good situation with a race that is 39 days away (thanks to those who provided that number!) Please send really good positive thoughts my way - I am too far along for things to go bad now.

I want to use a curse word, but I won't. Too scared to be angry. Yet.

Need pain meds, a floor and a blanket. Will update.

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