Friday, March 9, 2007

The Final Word?

Just got back from the doctor. Since my insurance has not yet kicked in and there is no MRI, we are operating under the assumption that I have a bulging disk in my lower back, based on preliminary tests. What does that mean?

Given that we are four weeks out from the race, it is likely that training is over for me, and I have to make the choice whether or not I can do a race with after a four-week hiatus. My initial response is no, as I can barely sit or lay down without excruciating pain at this moment. I will have to go to physical therapy three times a week until the race, and that might not even be enough. I can't see beyond the searing blinding light of pain and my own tears right now.

So for the time being, I have nothing else to say. There are actually no words for how bad and disappointing this feels. Absolutely no words.


momo said...

megan. i know i don't have to tell you, but the most important thing is your health. make sure that whatever it is is dealt with and that you are healthy and whole.

on the training front. you were getting ready to enter your taper. you've done all the hard work, and if you heal up and the doctor says you are good to go - you will be fine. last year, six weeks out from imaz, a friend of mine was hit by a car while riding his bike. he spent a week in the hospital and didn't train at all until he received medical clearance which was very close to the race date. he raced and finished.

if you're healthy, you can do it, and i for sure will be here cheering you on. but DON'T do it to the detriment of your health. there will be other races, i promise.

hugs, girlfriend.

Duane said...

Meg, so sorry to hear this. Get some rest and drop me a line when you can.

Cindy Jo said...

I second everything Momo said. If cleared before the race you can probably finish. But remember, sometimes the universe intervenes for a reason. The training is not lost -- it is an investment in your Ironman bank.

I was diagnosed with a stress fracture a few weeks before my first IM and racing was out of the question. I went to the race anyway as a spectator. I realized then that I wasn't nearly as prepared (mentally or physically) as I needed to be. It was bittersweet, but I was grateful that I didn't get in over my head.

I have started and finished 4 Ironman races since then!

If you do decide to race, I would advise you NOT to do it on a brand new bike after having a back injury!!!!!!!!!! Tri bike fitting needs to be approached gradually, just like run training.