Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Fish Story

Okay, so that bad news is that I didn't get Police tickets for the July show at Wrigley Field, because I was in my weekly meeting when they went on sale (must have been the White Sox fairies sprinkling their dust over me to prevent me from attending the show at the home of our Northside Foes - grrrr). Ohh, and speaking of the Sox - season opener in a just a few short days - game on bitches.

But back to the Police disappointment - that's cool because guess what?

April 3rd.

Discovery Channel.

Deadliest Catch.


And "it's even deadlier than before!"


To commemorate the event, we are having a fish party over at the Brummel Street abode, complete with Cod soup, fish tacos and shrimp. Deelish!!!!

What? What's that I hear? Don't know what the Deadliest Catch is about? Blasphemy!!!! It's only one of the greatest "reality" shows on television! And for someone that doesn't watch reality shows, that's a huge statement. Trust me - this show's got it all - danger, cold, ice, attitude, coffee-swilling-and-cigarette-hacking ratchity men and their crews, no sleep, slippin' and slidin', capsized vessels, and the ever present threat of the Bering Sea tossing one of the dudes over the side. And all for some crabs. One word - Awesomeness.

And here's another reason I love it - Despite my love for my city and my more-than-likely never-actually-leaving lifestyle, I have always had these fantasies of moving other places - like out to a tiny rural town, setting up my little practice, living in a farm house with an abandoned barn and hanging out at the small pub that everyone congregates at on Saturday nights and goes to the Sunday morning pancake breakfasts at the local church (even though I don't actually go to the church, but hey, free pancakes are free pancakes, right? I can give an AMEN to that!) .

Well, the other fantasy is living in a small Alaskan town where said small pub is the gathering place on Thursdays, and the locals are all fisherman whose wives wear big parkas and furry (not real fur though) boots, and "winter pounds" are not only sexy but a necessity, and everyone drives snow mobiles or ice skates around town like in the movie "Mystery, Alaska," and ice fishing is a great first date.

And when I watch the Deadliest Catch, I like to live out this little ideal life of mine. Sure, most of these fisherman really live in Seattle most of the year and their wives look more like models than burly parka-sporting broads, and the local pub is filled with raging alcoholics that likely rent rooms in the back, and I really really hate cold weather - but whatever. I still like to picture it.

So next week, this time, I will be settling into my couch, hanging with the family, and indulging in the fish trough (okay, that's gross -sorry). You should check it out - it's fish-tastically magical!


Cindy Jo said...

LOL! Deadliest catch is our family's new favorite show -- one we can all agree on.

The only dissapointment bigger than your needing to withdraw from IMAZ is finding out that you are a Sox fan! And here I thought maybe you were a long lost sister of mine...

I guess you weren't going to go to Tempe to check out the Cubs spring training, using IMAz as your cover story after all.

Duane said...
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Duane said...

Dr Megan, Medicine Woman - the new reality show