Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I Am Boring

How can you look at this and not smile back? Come on now...you know you want to....
So I needed to put this little guy up because I needed a little smile right now.
I had another molasses swim today, and I am convinced the my coach tricked me into believing I was doing a 3200 yard number, but it was really a 4200 yard job, given the time it took. And I still have pool foggy head, so please excuse me if I seem somewhat disoriented (of course, it could also be me coming down from an intense sugar high fueled by a bag of jelly beans and some delicious chocolate fudge brownie ice cream otherwise known as dinner - starting to get sleepy....snore.....)
It occurred to me today that this race is creeping up so very quickly. I don't know the actual count (I was depending on a friend who was doing the race but he dropped out and I forget to ask him now) but I know it's soon, a few weeks, maybe six. After this weekend, I only have one more hard week and then taper. Whoa. I will really be an Ironman (hopefully), and soon. Weird.
I really have nothing else beyond that tonight. My wittiness got lost at the Al-Anon meeting tonight, now I just need to brush my teeth and hit the sack, as my dad used to say. So sack, here I come.


AZ Ironman 2007 said...

From your friend who dropped out.....
38 days

momo said...

it is coming quickly - but after your next hard week, you've done all the hard work, megan!!! the race is just the party to celebrate how far you've come.

i'm so excited for you and i can't wait to meet you in person!

and yes, that little one is CUTE. made me smile for sure - he looks like he's got us goofy adults all figured out, doesn't he?