Monday, August 20, 2007


This weekend I went to Wisconsin to celebrate my friend, Sue (the one in the middle), and her recent completion of her dissertation and subsequent graduation. Me and Sue and Suzanne (on the left) have been friends for the last four years, since our internship at the hell hole of which we do not speak.
Sue, Suzanne and I all live in different states. Suzanne recently moved back to her hometown of Louisville, KY, and Sue has been a Wisconsin girl for as long as I can recall. We have a lot in common, one of which was our process through our doctorate degrees. They have been there for me through the worst of times, and no matter what is happening in their lives, will drop it to answer one of my distress calls.
Because we lives so far from each other, the phone is what usually connects us, but it doesn't compare to the face-to-face contact that we had this weekend. I needed, particularly as of late, and I already miss them.


momo said...

its nice to have an opportunity to reconnect, isn't it? you all look good and happy!

Duane said...

Good looking group of ladies! Glad you had a good time!

The Big Cheese said...

Wow! You are smokin' in that pic!