Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Yeah, I did it. I went to (gasp!) the Cubs game last night. I got a call earlier in the day from the President of the White Sox fan club about this indiscretion, and from what I was able to make out through the expletives (they are south side, after all), I think they are revoking my fan club card. Sigh. Maybe by the time I earn my fan privileges back, they might have won a game.

Frankly, it's a damn miracle I didn't instantaneously burst into flames as I walked through the front gate, both from my traitor status and the heat of the night. Yikes! And my dumb ass wore jeans. "Smokin hot" jeans, I'm told, but jeans nonetheless. Going to the bathroom was like trying to peel off a wetsuit, another task which I try to avoid at all costs.

But even though the weather was blazin, the game was cool, and the seats were fantastic (11th row on the third base line, bitches! I guess being a Chicago gal my whole life has earned me some connections). And I wasn't alone...though I wish my game companion could have spelled Cubs right when he wrote it across his chest in paint. Hey guy - It's Cubs, not Kubs.

I hear I might be getting some pics soon, as my companion took them, but we'll see when that happens.

Anyhoo, I ended up working all night when I got home, so went to work after two hours of sleep, and mostly caught up on said missed sleep during the workshop I was attending. It would not have been so bad if there weren't but ten of us there - it makes it a little more noticeable, ya know? It's 4:30 here, and I am about to take myself a little nappy-nap.

Yeah, that's about it.


Donald said...

The Cubs actually might make it happen this year, and the White Sox are tanking. Perhaps it's a good time to switch allegiances.

Cindy Jo said...

How the hell can you be sober enough to work after a Cubs game? What is wrong with you???

Maybe I can give you a Cubs Fan 101 intervention at IMW. I will be there so we have to hook up. I'll be the good looking chic in the Cubs had (and Bears jersey). LOL

Cindy Jo said...

errr, that would be Cubs H-A-T

And to think I actually won a spelling bee once (well, that was before I killed most of my brain cells in college).