Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mostly Checkin' In and Potentially House Poor

I didn't realize I hadn't posted in several days (I know you all have been counting), and frankly, I really don't have a ton to say. A couple things have happened this week that are minimally noteworthy:

1. I managed to make it to the pool twice. Yup. A whopping two times. But two times is better than no times, I guess. And the first time I did 1000 yards, the second time I did 1200, and I will slowly keep increasing until I can get back into fightin' form. And I didn't appear all that unfortunate (i.e. no kicking myself in the head during flip turns) so I'll take the small victory.

2. I found a house. Okay, it's really a condo, because to buy a house in the city, you need to have a real jobby-job, and even though I have one, it's in child welfare and comes with child-welfare-pay, which makes me (as the kids like to say) broke ass poor (but on a separate note: kudos to the state government for finally passing a budget - now ol' girl can actually get paid this month). But I am really excited about it. We are doing an initial inspection next week, and then if all goes well and the walls don't seem to want to collapse around my head and the roaches seem content to stay out of sight, I will put my first offer in.

It needs some work, some small cosmetic stuff, like stripping and repainting the walls, ripping up some carpet, and then over time some larger improvements (like the kitchen, but I don't cook..ever...unless putting cereal in a bowl and pouring milk over it constitutes as cooking...but it would have to be a plastic bowl because I hate to wash dishes....or really any housework for that matter....wait, why am I doing this again?) But it would definitely be a place to stay for a bunch of years, so I guess I would have time to do it all. And if they laugh me out of town with my bid, so be it. It just means maybe there is something better out there.

Yeah, that's pretty much it.


DV said...

good luck with the condo bid - it's definitely a buyer's market...

yay for 2 swims!!!

KrissyGo! said...

Hey! I'm sending all my good luck mojo your way for the bid.

And you're right: 2 swims is better than 0 swims.


Andra Sue said...

Congrats on maybe finding a house and also getting some swims in. Buying and selling houses is fraught with stress, but as DV said, you're definitely in the right market. Watch those mortgage rates, though! Good luck!

Cindy Jo said...

Ugh - real estate in chitown. Been there!

Don't forget: first place Cubs start their series against the Brewers today! :) Yeah, it would suck to be a sox fan...