Thursday, August 23, 2007


Holy storms!

While most of you all have been blasted with heat, we here in the Midwest are doing the doggie paddle to keep our heads above the non-stop rain waters that are causing rivers to crest and streets to flood. And tonight was no walk in the park.

We got our corn-fed asses beat tonight. Although it has not yet officially been confirmed, I have heard rumors that tornadoes did make their way through Chicago this afternoon. And let me tell you, there's nothing like the sound of emergency sirens going off to really freak ya out. My sister is a teacher on the northside of the city, and they made them go in the hallways when the sirens sounded. Cool!

Now, I love myself a good storm. There is something painfully beautiful about the blackened sky right before it opens up and unleashes the fury. But when those storm clouds turn green, and actually look like they are forming arms to come down and snatch you up from the porch on which you stand gaping at them....well, now, that's a whole 'nother story.

Of course, maybe I shouldn't stand on the porch...that's how people get hurt...but I can totally understand why they do it...

Anyhoo, I have the opportunity to hit the sack at a decent hour tonight (10:30!) so I am signing off. Oh, and I totally forgot to mention - I started swimming again Monday, and get to meet back up with my good 'ol training partner, Larry, in the morning, for our first joint-swim. Whoo-hoo!! We are supposed to ride tomorrow as well, but it will likely rain all day, and I am meeting with the realtor to look at more houses. Did I forget to mention that part, too? I'm buying my first house. Or at least trying. My student loans are trying their darndest to prevent this.

More on that later....


Andrew said...

Sa the coverage on CNN this morning. Very intense. I remember my Illinois days. We did the same thing. Looking to the West to see the pea green sky moving in. Loved that! Hope all is well on the North Side. Buyers Market Meg! Good Call

The Big Cheese said...

Student loans suck.

I might be headed to Chicago because of this storm.

Glad you are getting back on the Saddle.

momo said...

meg, you've got a lot of stuff going on, girl!

be careful out there.

and just so you know, we used to sit on the porch during rain storms too. then we'd go get baskin-robbins. YUM!