Thursday, August 30, 2007

Look Who Blew Into the Windy City

If you live in the Chicagoland area, and you were wondering about that blast of hot air, here's the reason - It's the Big Cheese! The recent storms blew him in, and he took the night off to take in a Cubs game.

Yeah, I did it. That's me, in the flesh, under the Wrigley sign. Evidence.

A view from our seats - This one's for you, Cindy Jo!

I won this dollar from him when we bet on what direction the ball would go. He should have known better than to bet with me. And you bet your sweet ass I kept the dollar. He signed it!

This was at the corner of Addison and Sheffield after the game. I am pretty sure my freakishly long arm took this picture. It was hot as hell, and people were everywhere. I may not like the Cubs all that much, but dang if Wrigleyville isn't a huge party.

At Wrigley, the score board is actually changed by little people inside. Imagine that - it's hard to if you have never seen it. Very cool.

At the end of the evening. The game was fun, and it was great to show a new guy around town. Next up, Comisky Park...


Cindy Jo said...

AAAAGGHHH! I miss Chitown SO much! It is starting to feel like another lifetime ago :(

Hey, shoot me an email so we can xchange cell #s for Madison:


Duane said...

Looking good!

The Big Cheese said...

That guy looks like a homo.