Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rhode Island Randoms

I know, I know - the wedding is over. But I thought I would just share some random pics as they start to come in (clearly, I already need another vacation...or just a brief transport back into time one week ago).
The Welcome Dinner - My sisters, the bride and the new mom.

And to think, it was just a few short years ago we were pummeling each other for the remote or last Pudding Snack Pak. Sigh.

Yeah, I have no idea why we're laughing, but I love this pic because: A.) It's me and Devin; B.) I am clearly trying to keep my dress from giving a peep show; C.) You can clearly see my version of the Bible a la Microsoft Word; D.) I just do.

If one could read minds, this is what they would see:

Devin: Look at how beautiful I am right now. You better appreciate this Patrick, because its running shorts and sports bras when we get back to Chicago.

Patrick: Oh, she is so beautiful. Don't cry, you sissy. You promised her you wouldn't cry again! Oh, boy, now she'll make me take her last name for sure!

Megan: They look so happy! I wonder when I should tell them I'm moving back into their house? Not now...but maybe after dinner....when is dinner, anyway? Ahh, food.

A private moment.

This was already up, but this version is slightly clearer. The better to see our gleaming sweat with. The look on Devin's face is like, "Look at me bitches - I'm married!"

Hey, how'd he get through baggage check? Ah, just another way my sister tried to save money - the ol' "kid in a suitcase"trick. Figures.

That's it for now.

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