Friday, August 3, 2007

Rhode Island Lessons

So my lovely sister, who can do just about everything, managed to get my camera fixed, so a fixed camera makes for a happy Megan.

And so far, this is what I learned in Rhode Island:

My 6-month old nephew fits into my 27-year-old sister's PJs.

There is something about coming home from a long day at the beatutiful shore that just wipes ya out.

A positive attitude in a home where its 97 degrees and humid without air conditioning is essential.

Ah, just one of the perks to being a kid - if your 31, ya tend to get stuck...I know, I tried.

And finally, all the McCue's in a row. That's Big Nolan, Me, Little Devin, and Glowing Ellen.

So the real fun begins tonight, with another trip to the beach, and then the rehersal/welcome dinner. Yay!!!!


Brent Buckner said...

Glad to see you're making the most of the opportunity!

Duane said...

Pics! Yay! So are one good looking group! Keep 'em coming!

Lance Notstrong said...

Yeah, people tend to frown on you getting in their sink for a bath when you come to visit :-)

stronger said...

You guys look hawt! And hot!

Andra Sue said...

You all look so TAN! And happy! :)

KrissyGo! said...

Hooray for the fixed camera...I heart PICS!!!

And you guys look great!

The Big Cheese said...

Everyone is so damn, tan. And good looking! Damn.