Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Wedding

There are few words I have to describe the event I just witnessed. There was not a flaw in a day filled with family, friends and, above all, love. I usually don't get so sappy about weddings, but the stunning beauty of the last few hours is beyond anything I ever imagined. Let's take a walk down the isle of my sister's new journey.

The wedding was held at a tiny yacht club in Jamestown, Rhode Island. My sister, Devin, literally put the wedding together on a shoe string budget, using mostly her uber-creative mind and a love for all things personal and sentimental. As you likely read in the last few posts, the focus of the weekend was on family and friends, "with a wedding thrown in." Tonight's party was no exception, as the evening kicked off with the cocktail hour BEFORE the ceremony, as pictured above. Devin was ready to go in a sun dress, counting down the minutes until the big moment. You would never know it, by this picture, or really any of her actions throughout the day. In fact, everyone kept remarking how calm we were, how "cool" everyone seemed, and truly, it was because that's the tone Devin set. She was easy-peesy, smiling and letting it all soak in.
Ellen was the maid (matron?) of honor, rocking her orange satin dress with my killer heels.

Devin was walked down the "isle" by my little brother, Nolan. He loves his job!

This is me performing my duties - just after the exchange of rings. I could barely wait to introduce them as Devin and Patrick Sullivan, and it was only afterwards that my sister said, "Yeah, I'm keeping my name." Oops. Minor detail. But I lLOVED saying that line.

Seriously. No seriously. She's beautiful.
We teased her earlier today about how she transformed from a 12-year-old boy to a woman in the span of a few hours (she's a size zero, and total tomboy, but to see her here, it is breathtaking to me).

This guy likely looks familiar. He is my boy-best friend, Joe. Dated in high school, been friends ever since. Joe's a new dad. We all grow up, I guess.

Me and Nolan, just chillin.

And this would be dinner. Really. It was. I never had lobster before and when they put it on my plate, I was like, "Yeah right." But I cracked it like a champ, and even managed to finish before the rest of the table. Well, truth be told, I finish MOST meals before everybody...I eat really quite fast.

The family. Nathaniel (brother in law) Ellen, Patrick (new brother in law), Devin, Mom, Me, Nolan.
The gals. Hotness.

And the boys. I swear I didn't wipe the smile off all night. Really, all weekend. And I really appreciate you all taking the trip with me, reading through the posts (I tried to keep the commentary brief and inundate you with pics of my life) and sending good wishes out this way. I leave for the airport to come back to Chicago in three hours (yes, its 2AM here right now, but I am wide awake!) and even though I am ready to come back, I am sad that it's over.


Duane said...

Wow Meg! What a great time! Glad it was so special!

momo said...

what a beautiful family, a beautiful wedding and a beautiful day. thanks so much for sharing the day with us.

love is pretty cool, huh?

Cindy Jo said...

You are glowing just as much as the bride! Great pix - I LOVE weddings, especially in the summertime!

DV said...


Susan Oseen said...

Sounds like it was a perfect day. The pictures are all beautiful.

The Big Cheese said...

Remind me to write about my lobster story sometime...And agian, why the hell is everyone in your photos so good looking?

Shawn said...

I don't know how many blogs I read, but this is the first one that someone mentions or has even been to Rhode Island! beautiful pictures!