Thursday, February 28, 2008

Are You There, Health? It's Me, Megan

Yeah, so I totally ripped that title off from the Judy Blume book. Does anyone remember Judy Blume? Man, she was hot stuff when I was a kid - and while the Are You There God? book was good, Ms. Blume's all-time best was Forever.

You girls know what I'm talkin about.

That was the one where the girl has sex for the first time. I'll tell ya what, I can't remember the name of my eight grade homeroom teacher, but I can pretty much read back that book verbatim even to this day. Within my group of girlfriends, that book got more play than...well...I guess it got more play than any of us, which is why we all read it 300 times each.

Ya know... just in case we ever did get some play, then we would know what to do. At least according to Judy Blume.

Sad, though, when I think about it. Real life "action" never did live up to her version.


Whoaaaaaaaa Nelly.

That is so not what this post is supposed to be about.

Let's jump back a few million steps. Okay. Health. Got it.

So as I am sure bled through my posts, my health has not been so great these last about 10 days. Totally my fault, I messed up, I caught it, took advice and now I am totally back.



In addition to truly stuffing anything not nailed down into my mouth, I have powered successfully through all my workouts this week, and am feeling stronger than ever. I have also rediscovered my long lost love, Mr. Chocolate Milkshake, and he says he missed me too. So we have been meeting for secret love sessions at the Ice Cream store a couple times a week.

He makes me feel so alive, like a kid again.

Amazing what food can do to a body.

It can do three pounds, it what.

Right on my hips.

Not in my chest, which is where it belongs, but no, sadly, it hangs off my hips.


I am also exploring other race-day nutrition options. Now, I know this is not usually recommended six weeks out (holy begeez! six weeks!) but I really really working on getting my electrolytes back up. I tried those pills you drop in the water, and truth be told - not so bad.

I realized today that part of me might just have to wing it out there on the course. I mean, I know generally what works and what doesn't, and what I like and don't, and how much I will need, but I feel like the rest will kind of fall into place.

And I also just realized, after re-reading those last two paragraphs, how boring this post became. Honestly, I just fell asleep reading my own writings on race day nutrition.

This might an approriate to wrap this little ditty up. So let me end this with something funny.

Okay, maybe I'll just end it.


Prin said...

I love it anyway. :D

Three pounds, eh? I think I gained that while typing up this comment.

The Big Cheese said...

Nothing...Lives up to the book? Fuck you fancy alphabet and grammar.

AGA said...

I LOVED Forever. I read it in secret when I was younger-didn't want mom to know...which is funny since it was my sister's book and I'm sure that my mom actually bought it.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane and a laugh this morning.

Go Mom Go said...

I am glad you are eating again!! :)

Now about Judy Blume...they were all my favorites. I was volunteering in the library at school the other day and saw a couple of her books, brought me right back to that time in my life. Ahhh...I am ok where I am now. :)

I am pretty sure my mom had no clue what I was reading. She probably still doesn't. Ha!

Take Care!