Saturday, February 9, 2008

Question Answered

Any concern or question I may have previously had about whether or not I am doing enough for the darn race has been answered.

I am.

And I am B.E.A.T.

It is Saturday night, about 6pm, and I am about to shove some salmon into my mouth so I can go back to bed and save some energy for my 5 hour brick tomorrow (4.5 on the trainer, 30 minute run). The muscle fatigue is so deep today that, this afternoon, I was craving an apple but didn't want to eat it because it would have required too much energy to chew. I chose, instead, a banana.

In all the months so far, this is about as bad as it's been.

I am truly stuggling to move right now. But I am not sore. Just unfathomably fatigued.

It's days like this I wish my mom lived with me. She would take care of me, make me chicken soup, give me tea and rub my back.

I just looked up at the weather channel and it's 71 degrees in Phoenix right now. It's snowing and -3 degrees here. NEGATIVE THREE.

That has nothing to do with nothing. I'm just saying. But seriously, come on with this weather.

(Imagine that said in my bestest whiney voice - frankly, imagine this whole post in the same voice)

As I said weeks ago:

I chose this, I chose this, I chose this....


Danielle in Iowa said...

Brutal weekend! I spent two hours on my trainer today and I felt like a rockstar - I can't even imagine 4.5!

Brent Buckner said...

Glad you're internalizing that you're doing enough to do this thing the way you want to.

KrissyGo! said...

Yeah, girlie! Do you have a notebook with you? You know, for taking names after all this kicking butt?

(Sorry, I think this weather is killing my wit.)

Prin said...

Be careful. Don't hurt yourself. (hugs)

The Big Cheese said...

Need some cheese in your system?