Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Post 2 of the Day

So I had a visitor to my studio apartment today.

He didn't leave a name, but he was small, brown, furry and had a long tail. He hung out by the fridge, had a seizure, and the proceeded to die.

After I threw up on myself, I frantically called the front desk, and had them clean the carnage.

The maintence man said that he probably came in from the outside (really? no kidding? thanks for that insight), especially since they are doing a ton of renovation on my building and are putting a ceiling in the hallway right now. He assured me that there were no more, that there would be no more, and that this was isolated.

Yeah, that reassurance helped NONE.

So for now, I am refusing to leave my bed, eat, or even go to the bathroom.

I think I am going to throw up again.


Danielle in Iowa said...

We had a mole infestation once. I was lying on the couch with a quilt on and all of a sudden it started moving. I totally jumped up and stood on a table and started screaming like they do in cartoons.

Prin said...

But they're cute... Diseasy, sure, but cuuuute. :D

Nolan's Mommy said...

I really like the new picture you have on your home page. The other one was cute, but this one is hot. You go girl!

Steve Stenzel said...

I'm sorry, but I'm laughing at your pain. Too funny!!

the fire said...

I know his name....

Andy said...

It's -29 friggin wind Chill! I'd be figurin' how to get inside too.
Jesus Meg
Move to Phoenix. 60's here today.
The sun feels good