Friday, February 29, 2008

Post Two for the Day - Training Update

Cheese pointed out to me last night that I almost never talk about my training. He was really referencing our personal conversations, and he's right - I guess I just do the workouts and be done with it.

But as I surfed other blogs tonight (yes, this is what I do on Friday nights - the glamorous life of a big city gal - I can feel your jealousy through the computer screen), I realized that a lot of you all are posting accumulated miles/hours/yardages, and talking about different aspects of training that I guess I don't really mention.

Is this a bad thing? I know I started this blog to track my first IM experience, but over the last year, it has taken on more of a Megan-In-Daily-Life feel, with a tad bit of training thrown in.

In a lot of ways, training and IM has taken over my life, but my life still happens. In fact, it is often during these horrendously long training sessions that I think about things to talk about on here, which are always more entertaining to me than my actual workout.

The weird this is is that I actually really like reading about other people's training. In fact, there have been several posts in the last few weeks about people's training breakthroughs, nutrition, milage and times - all of which I love to read because I am in the exact same place. I have gotten a ton of good ideas, and have felt very validated reading these other posts.

It's just that my own training never seems that interesting.

So maybe I'll toss a couple more posts in about my sessions, especially in these upcoming weeks, as they get increasingly long and hard.

That's all I really have to say about that.


Duane said...

Well I like when you talk about training and I really like your life posting too! But since you like to read about mileage, I did my first 4,000 in the pool tonight then knocked out one hour on the bike (also walked one hour at lunch).

Not long before your IM! Hope you have Cheese take of of pics for us!

Prin said...

Either way for me... Of course I can relate more to your milkshake fetish than your 14.5 hour brick. :D

Prin said...

Your milkshake brings all the prin to the yard...

I had to say it.