Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Second Post of the Day

I sure do have a lot to say!

I often talk about the fact that I work for the child welfare department, who is my ultimate employer. However, my program is actually contracted through Northern Illinois University (NIU). While I do not visit the campus regularly except for the random meetings, my supervisor and the program director's offices are in the Psychology building on the campus, and both were there the day of the shootings.

This morning, I received a call from one of the child welfare administrators, asking if I would volunteer to be a trauma counselor when the students return on Monday. I would have to attend training all day Sunday, and then stay on campus Monday and Tuesday to provide counseling to students that want it.

I said yes, of course.

It's kinda weird. Not so sure how I feel about it yet.


Izzy said...

You rock.

Prin said...


Rock on.

Go Mom Go said...

You are being asked because YOU can help. Who knows maybe this whole thing can help you with all the other stuff going on as well...just a thought :)


Andy said...

I'm glad you said yes Meg. People like you give me hope in humanity

Nolans Mommy said...

You are changing the world, one person at a time. Dont ever lose sight of the your gift Meg. The rest of the world watches, thinks its really sad for a minute or so and then changes the channel on the tv. Maybe they'll buy People or Time.

Let the healing begin.

The Clyde said...

Do you ever do anything negative?

Can't you just push over an old lady or something, just once?

...on a serious note, that's very, very cool.