Thursday, February 7, 2008

These Are the Tidbits of My Life

I was forcing myself to think of a long, meaningful post today while I was sitting in my Director's meeting (making good use of my time, obviously) but I really couldn't come up with anything. I mostly have just random thoughts that I decided I am going to record here.

But before I do, I just got off my trainer and was taking a shower (yet another place where most of my best thinking is done) and it occurred to me: Who really cares to read a rundown of your week? And then I thought: I don't know, but since this is kinda like my journal (if I wrote in a journal), I get to write what I feel like, and maybe I just feel like recording it for recording sake.

1. BLIND LEADING THE BURNED OUT - I got huge props at work this week from my boss. He's not really one to hand out compliments, so it meant a lot. But then the very next day, we had an hour long argument about how to handle a situation, ending with him basically telling me I was wrong, and that me and the other supervisors were trying to push for something that would ultimately be "self destructive."

The point of the argument? Me and the supervisors are trying to have a "process" group for our workers so that they can voice their concerns, feelings, and opinions about the rush and severity of the cases recently (we have a lot of workers wanting to quit, getting burned out, crying all the time, and just overwhelmed because the case are just so many and so sick). By definition, my job is to mediate these things, be the go-between with the workers and our boss to make sure the cases go smoothly, including keeping the workers happy and cared for. So part of my job is to be like a grown-up cheerleader. But theraputically. But for some reason, my boss thinks acknowledging their feelings and supporting them within the group is "self destructive" and "can only turn out negative." He says we should "have parties where we play games like Charades" to celebrate their success.


But apparently workers having chronic breakdowns is not negative. So let's just avert our eyes and carry on. Lemme ask you this: If you went to therapy, and you told your therapist, "Hey listen, I have been really stressed out, and feeling kind depressed and just want to quit the wolrd." And he said, "I know! You should have a party! And play Hopscotch!" Would you pay for that shit? You better not.


2. JET PLANE - I bought my plane ticket for AZ. I was reluctant to say anything or even do it, because last year I got injured about two weeks after I bought my ticket. And how odd - it's two weeks away from the anniversery of the injury. Maybe I already said too much...

3. ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID....I picked up my bridesmaid dress for my brother Nolan's wedding. I must say, it is quite beautiful. It is strapless, black, and floorlength, with a champagne colored sash around the middle. The only problem? The dress came from Tennessee, and had to be ordered about three months ago, hence with my measurements of three months ago (in the beginning of IM training). When I tried it on today, it promptly fell off. Literally. While this might have to do with the weight loss from training, I am sure this might also have to do with the fact that I measured myself with a metal tapemeasure I borrowed from the construction guys in my building, so perhaps the accuracy of those numbers might have been a wee bit off. In any case, my mom and I got a good laugh off it, and decided that I either need a tailor, or I'll be the life of the party.

4. THE ICE QUEEN - It took three guys to get my car out of the parking space today. Three. See, the problem was that we got snow, but before that, we got about three inches of slush, that promptly froze into ice, thus making my street a thick slick of of ice, the likes of which I have never seen in all my days in Chicago. Pure ice, for blocks.

So my car was essentially frozen in. The first guy dug his shovel in, raised it up, and snapped it in half. So much for that. The second guy came over, looked at the wheels, shrugged his shoulders, and then told me to go boil some water. Ass. The third guy, a 60-year-old man from across the street, came over with his metal ditch digger, chopped up the ice, then proceeded to push my car out of the space. Literally pushed it out.

I was like, "Hey, you're mightly strong for an old man," to which he responded with a three-tooth smile, waved off my attempt to pay him with what I had in my pocket (3 dollars for Starbucks, a pen, an empty Orbit box, and an old gas station reciept), mumbled something in a foreign language, then ran back across the street to finish what he was originally doing. So I just drove away, fishtailing down the street and whispering Hail Mary's all the way downtown.

5. IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK - And finally, ladies and gentlemen, there have been no more mice sightings since the fiasco of yesterday. Although I will admit that, as I was yet again forcing myself to sleep last night, every creek and crack in the walls made me shoot up. On my bed, not like with a needle.

6. FINAL FINALLY- again, please excuse any hellacious spelling errors throughout this and the last several posts. For some reasons, my spell check is boycotting me (obviously from overuse) and we all know that I spell like a first grader.

Maybe in tonight's state of awakeness I will come up with some life altering post.

Yeah. Right.


Nolan's Mommy said...

That was some funny shit. Did I tell you I gave up the pages for J.C.? I did and Im having the shakes and night sweats from it. For real. I originally gave up the sweets and then decided that it wasnt hard enough. So I made the switch and then binged on Oreos in celebration of my first day in over a year of not checking the pages atleast 20 times a day. Im not kidding, I check it atleast 20x

the fire said...

First things first, Kris Angel does not play hopscotch. Maybe your boss also likes the idea of pinata at a funeral luncheon.See what he thinks of that one. I love government workers!! They just bring truth to my thoughts. Thanks all you patronage door knockers!! Secondly, some might say that a dress that falls off without any effort is a good thing. I'm not naming any names, just throwing it out there (no pun intended.) Finally, the poor old man with three teeth, I would have been mumbling at you too. You have the nerve to pull out a box of gum, empty or not, and wonder why I might be irritated. Does that fact I only have three friggin teeth and the thought of chewing gum is a thing of the past mean anything to you?? One last that dress gold? Sometimes I make myself laugh

the fire said... is Criss Angel

Brent Buckner said...

re: your boss
I'm thinking _The Peter Principle_.

Prin said...

I read this post yesterday, and then I wrote out a nice comment and then my innernets died for the night and I never got to post it.

I don't remember what I said now, and the only thing coming to mind at this point is when they start doing the "YMCA" dance, don't do it! Well, unless you really do want to be the life of the party.