Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hold Your Enemies Closer

I had all these posts a-brewin' in my noodle today, mentally written out during my swim this afternoon. However, the only thing I feel like posting right now is how much I am hating food at this point.

I know, I know - it's fuel, I need it, blah, blah...but some days, choking down a turkey sandwich takes about all the stomach energy I can muster.

Now, don't get me wrong - I can power down some chow with the best of them. Things can get really ugly when there's a bag of movie theatre popcorn or some cake in front of me. Like, parents-sheild-your-small-children-type ugly. And pasta, hot pretzels, Tostidos Lime Chips, fruit, chili or sushi? Lemme at it.

But I am noticing that some days, I just don't feel like eating. My stomach feels clenched and my gag reflex is in full force. It's like sleeping - there are spans of days where I just go and go, when my body just doesn't want to cooperate and sleep.

I noticed that this is really a problem when I went to the store today, and walked past the candy isle - my first thought was "Oh candy!" But then I fast forwarded to the image of me binging on a box of Mike n Ikes or a JuJu Bees, and I almost threw up on the Milk Duds I was standing in front of.

Holy crap!

Who have I become?!?!?!?

So food is my enemy today. Maybe I will kiss and make up with it tomorrow.

The End.

P.S. If I have to see that damn "What is Love" Pepsi commercial one more time, I am going to throw the tv out the window.

P.S.S. And why does the media call the deaths of people mike Brad Renfo or Anna Nicole Smith "tragic?" What the hell is tragic about the death of a drug addicts? I know that's not nice of a psychologist to say, but I'll tell you what's tragic - adults locking their mentally and physically disabled kids in cages 24/7 for 4 years, or parents videotaping themselves having sex with their toddler children. Now that's tragic. And yes, those are true stories. Very true, and very, very tragic.

Give me an effing break.


Prin said...

*cringe* Yikes. I hate your job.

'Nuff 'bout that...

The food thing- you just have to reverse diet. Like do the opposite of what they tell the fatties. Like I wake up and I eat chocolate. It stimulates the appetite for the rest of the day. And on top of that, who doesn't want to eat chocolate first thing in the morning? Awesome.

Prin said...

You make me laugh. :D

Bananas. Who eats bananas for breakfast? Like, ew. Why get out of bed when the first thing you do is suffer? :D

Prin said...

Ok, get out of bed if you must, but please eat candy then. The Megan would be far more sunshiney if she had candy first thing.

Ok, so she might not be able to run all sorts of marathons, but that's ok. We'd love her anyway. :D

Prin said...

This means of communication works because we both look like doofs on each other's blog. :D

btw, that's really gross. :D

The Big Cheese said...

"...and my gag reflex is in full force." WTF? I have been gone for a week and..

the fire said...

baby terry knows all about the chocolate cake thing...he still asks about leftovers from his Christening..nice job...