Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I don't have a ton to say right now, but I couldn't just leave a post up about carrying around my urine for more than a day. I felt I needed to follow it up with something...anything.

The pee was for my day-long diagnostic donor testing today.

I had a battery of tests that included:

Meeting with dietician
Psychosocial eval (weird being on the other end for once!)
CAT scan of abdomen
Chest X-Ray
10 more vials of blood
Urine collection

The only thing I really have to report about all of this is that my heart rate is somewhat slow, though the tech guy said, "Do you work out?"

I laughed.

I also found out that my brother was admitted to the hospital tonight because he is declining pretty quick. My mom wouldn't say it, but part of me wonders if they will want to move up the kidney transplant before the race, thus taking me out of it. AGAIN.

I am not going to agonize over this until it happens.


Prin said...

But you know, all this training will probably make your recovery quicker, right? So it wouldn't be for nothing... *blushes*

You're still an ironwoman to me?
I have some room on the couch? And a bag of 'tatah chips?


The Clyde said...

I'm sure with your story you could get an exception to the race and do IMWI with me if the surgery gets moved up.....

Just saying......

IM Able said...

See, when you said you were going to follow up your pee post with something, I got a little worried there was a stool sample involved.

Seriously. You can understand where I would get that from, right?


Go Mom Go said...

I hope that if you need to move the surgery up you can transfer your entry to another race. Seriously, that would be a perfect story for all their marketing...maybe you could even get a Kona slot out of it??? Or at least Louisville? :) Wouldn't that be awesome?
Don't worry to much, it will all work out the way it is supposed to...right?

Take care. I am thinking about you!

momo said...

meg - just thinking about you and sending hugs.