Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Worst Aunt EVER

Me: Hello?
BN: Auntie Megan.
Me: Baby Nolan! What's happen' little man?
BN: Whaaaattt's happenin'.....hmmm, let me see....oh, yeah, that's right. What's happenin' is that I had my first birthday, that's what.
Me: I know! I am so happy for you that you turned the big ONE!
BN: Really? 'Cause see I wouldn't know because, see, I had this little party thrown in my honor, and I noticed you didn't quite make it.

Me: Yeah, I know, little man. I am really sorry. I talked to your mom and told her I was going to be in Miami that day. But I heard you all had lots of fun!

BN: Huh. Fun. Yeah, if being blown off by your favorite aunt counts as fun, then yeah, it was a total blast.

Me: Oh, don't be like that. I did call - in fact I called your mom while you were at the airport on the actual day of your birthday.

BN: Funny, she didn't give me the message. But that might have been because she loased me up with Baby Tylenol to get on that damn plane.

Me: Hee hee. But ya had a nice nap, yeah?

BN: Hey! No jokes here! There's this whole matter of a present that needs to be addressed. And when might I be expecting that? Perhaps by my next birthday?

Me: Yeah, you got me there. I guess I have been really busy with all this training and traveling and work that I didn't get around to it.

BN: Didn't get around to it?!?!?! Lemme ask you something, Auntie Megan. How many nephews do you have?

Me: One?

BN: One. That's right. ONE. So how hard is it to squeeze in some retail therapy for your one and only nephew. My mommy does it everyday - she says she NEEDS it, and I've gone with her - I know it's not that hard to shop. Nobody else forgot...

Me: You're right. I messed up. Can I make it up to you?

BN: Grrrr. But now that you mentioned it, I have been eyeing that Tonka Dump Truck and Big Wheel. Yeah, I know I can't use it yet, but just like my mommy, I like to be the first kid on the block with EVERYTHING. CAn you work on it?

Me: I can, I think that's doable.

BN: Then all is forgiven...until next year. Then the stakes get doubled.

Me: Deal.

BN: Well, I gotta go now, Auntie Megan. There's a whole lotta snow out there I need to get to eatin!

Me: Play on, Player!

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Prin said...

lol!! Where are his mitts! :-O (mitt...)