Sunday, August 24, 2008

A 16-Miler and Some Spectating Love

This morning called for a 16-miler. After waking up just slightly late, but late enough to have to forgo a real breakfast, coffee, and BM, I made it to the lakefront at about 6:45. This alone is a miracle fit for the Lord's day.

I had to loop it again due to the Chicago Tri chaos south of Ohio Street Beach. The first loop was great (running early did me well) but the second loop was tougher, complete with my own brand of knee pain called "Stop-Hurting-or-I'll-Give-You-Something-To-Cry-About-When-We-Get-Home."

Three gross-ass GUs and not nearly enough water stops later, I was done, and just in time to high-tail it one mile north to spectate at the bike-turnaround for the Chicago Accenture Tri.

As I wrote about earlier, the TRI for Life team was out there rocking the course. I literally set up my spectating spot ten minutes before I saw Lon speed by me (or speed as fast as that tiny turnaround would allow for!)

I then saw his brother (who I think I JUST missed on his first lap), and then Lon again for his second loop. They all looked fantastic, and I was sooo glad I got there on time.

See, if I had taken the time to eat breakfast pre-run, I woulda missed it all, so in the end, it was good decision making.

But what wasn't good decision making?

My lack of water.

When you're rockin' one kidney, you shouldn't do this.

And as a new general rule of thumb, I am SO good about taking care of this. But today, with the rushing around, I got horribly dehydrated out there. No water bottle in the car for post-run, which again, is not typical.

So when I wasn't screaming my face off for all the racers, I was talking to the ambulance guys who were there, silently hoping that if I did collapse (I came frighteningly close at one point) that they would wisk me away to IV-infused heaven, even though I wasn't technically (or non-technically) a racer.

So after I saw the TRI for Life-ers, I said my goodbyes and got home ASAP and have been sucking down the water. I am not in the clear just yet, but getting there.

Urine issues aside, I wanted to say this about triathlon - a thought that, when racing, I don't pay much attention to, but as a spectator, I noticed.

The genuis of triathlon is that it is the "Everyman's Sport."

Hear me out.

Any Bob, Sue, or Joe can pull out and dust off their ten speed, find an old pair of goggles, and running shoes, and train for a sprint or Olympic distance race.

You don't need Triple A leagues, years of training, team try-outs, or sponsorship to get out there and do it.

It is the sport where Pros race next to grandmothers, where $8000 bikes make the turnarounds alongside of the Sunday cruisers with baskets.

It is a sport that trains the whole body, and requires signficant mental effort to transition from one discipline to the other. But these are the things that I believe everyone has, even if they have to reach down deep to find it.

It was amazing seeing all the differnt people out there. The Zip wheels sponsor-covered jerseys wizzing by while the mountain bikers in their tee-shirts smiled through their second loop.

I loved it - I felt so proud to be part of this sport that EVERYONE can do, a sport that today, in Chicago, made thousands of people realize their potential.

Realize the endless possibility of their bodies and mind.

Realize that, as they are racing, their children are watching them become the best type of role model there is.

Realize that, no matter your age, or pants size, or race - YOU CAN DO TRIATHLON.

I love being a triathlete.

Even if JLo thinks she is too.

(By the way, I have decided that my issue with the JLo triathlon nonsense is this - While I so appreciate the fact that she is using it as a goal to get back in shape [hey, I JUST said anyone can do this sport, right?], my issue with her began with the whole GMA thing - The self-importance of her to think that her own triathlon expreince is not only CNN newsworthy, but actually MORE IMPORTANT than the possibly-never-to-be-seen again Olympic performances we have all just witnessed. Yeah, first tris are nerve racking and special -no doubt-, but more newsworthy than the beyond-humanness of the Olympics athletes? Yeah, not so much.)


Jenny Davidson said...

You take care of yourself now! WATER!!!

The Young Family said...

My dad had kidney cancer and had a kidney taken out, he says it too - hydrating is important!!

How great to see the Tri for Life guys... way cool what they are doing.

Take care.

Sorry you got flack for a post, screw em'. Your bog, your thoughts!


Prin said...

Yeah, I can't do it. That's why I do it through you. :D I'd be much more likely to make it to the olympics in wrestling or "clean and jerk" or whatever they call it weight lifting than swimming miles, biking other miles and running still more miles. :D

I'm a power girl, not a long distance girl...

But I see your point. It's kind of like soccer...

Tri-Angle said...

I've noticed the "EVERYMAN" thing too Meg...and so has Dana. The only time it really pisses this Clydesdale off, is when I see the gramma or granpa (age on the calf at 65 or above) run by me like I'm standing fucking still. Conversely it gives me hope that I too can be doing this in 20 years. It's something I can do and not have to be "ggod at". Like And golf is still more expensive.
Thanks for your motivation the other day. 90 minute run. felt pretty ok, except the really slow part.

the fire said...

since I didn't have the chance to write a comment (you censored your readers) I will now. Good thing I dont have a blog. I would surely offend someone on a daily basis. Deep down, I would enjoy it too!! Oh well, people can change the channel.

Lon Coleman said...

Meg - Thanks a MILLION for your support yesterday... I am so glad that I got to see you. I was really going to stop and give you hug... but the turn-around was a bit narrow and I was lying down a pretty good bike time. We won't talk about what happened on the run.

I just need you to know that the entire weekend in Chicago was incredible. Not only tri related...we were blown away by the people that we met. And your support ranks right up there. I wish timing would have worked out a bit better and we could have sat down and talked for a little while... but I sure was glad to get that high-five from you. Thanks meant a lot to me.

RunBubbaRun said...

Glad you made back home to suck down lots of water..

Actually the chicago TRI is what gotta me into this whole stuff. Pretty cool to see all kinds of people racing there..

Yeah that JayLO thing, she probably has a whole staff of people training her.. C'mon, she needs a reality check. Money can't buy respect.

Steve Stenzel said...

I need to go have a BM too.

And all that JLo crap is so dumb. What a diva.

Mommymeepa said...

I love your blog. I think it's awesome that you got to go cheer on Sunday. I love that everyone can do a triathlon. I just wish everyone felt like you. Having to lose 100 pounds and not waiting to lose my weight to be active is great, but not everyone thinks so. You are always so encouraging and I'm so glad we met and I cannot wait to do my 1/2 Ironman and prove all those naysayers wrong.

Glad you turned the comments back on. WE ALL LOVE YOU!! Keep writing for us. :-)

21stCenturyMom said...

I agree about the awesomeness that is triathlon. What a great sport.

As for J-Lo; people in the public eye don't make their own decisions if they want to stay famous. I'm sure her publicist is directing all this crap and she's going along because she has made some really bad movies and needs the good press. I think it's crap that she is heralded at every workout but I still think it's great she's doing a tri.

Thea said...

Found this on another blog, gosh I know it is mean, but it is also sooo hilarious:

"Yeah but how cool would it be to swim but beside her and put a big ole porn slap on that rump"

Predictions on the L-Jo Triathlon:

1. 14 TMZ paparazzi drown while trying to get shots of her on the swim. Two are saved by clinging to her giant neoprene clad ass for dear life in the mailay of the start.
2. Her lawyers are waiting for her in T1 asking if anyone gave her a "porn slap" and checking for applicable case law.

3. She busts a tooth on her Pelligrino glass water bottle on the bike.